If you’re a frequent flyer, destinations can roll into one and you can lose track of where you’ve been. Apart from keeping a travel diary you can collect souvenirs which will jog your memory and also decorate your home. Do you collect any travel souvenirs like the ones below?

Fridge Magnets

Since an early age I’ve always collected fridge magnets, and not just the boring ones that you’ll find everywhere. Each destination has something unique so I’ll search high and low until I find the perfect one. On my most recent trip to Cape Verde, I purchased this fish shaped magnet from the beach at Santa Maria.

Framed Tickets

After a trip to Barcelona I had amassed a collection of tickets from visiting the attractions and traveling on the underground, and I didn’t want to throw them away. So after a little experimenting I created a collage of tickets and memories which now hangs proudly in my hallway. It takes up a little more space than the magnets but it reminds me of where I went and what I visited, plus it’s totally unique.


Street Art

If you’ve ever seen street painters at work whilst exploring on holiday, you’ll know just how talented they are. Whether they’re using a paintbrush, pencil or spray paints, each one is unique as the last and can be displayed proudly around your house, to show how much you love to travel and the incredible places you’ve been to.

Post Cards

My gran use to buy postcards she loved and posted them to herself with a short description of what the card depicts and why it is so important. I think this is a brilliant way of remembering the events of each holiday.


A Little Bit Of Everything

If you don’t want to stick to one collection why not collect everything and anything? Each country, region and resort has something different to offer.  Whether that’s a mosaic figure from the stunning city of Barcelona or a quality leather trinket from the historic destination of Marrakech, you can always find something different. Fill your home with stories and memories that will last a lifetime.

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