When we travel we all like to have gadgets and accessories to show off on the plane and at the hotel. Whether it’s the latest tablet or designer beach bag, they are the nice to have’s in the travel world; but would you splash out on any of these extravagant luxury travel items?


Eye Mask and Travel Pillow

An eye mask for a long flight is a must if you want to get some shut eye, you can usually pick one up from the local supermarket for around £5. However if you like to show off why not invest in an Otis Batterbee luxury mask, with a pinch of lavender to aid sleep and a velvet cotton backing, the mask has everything you’d want and more. But the price is somewhat scary, £50 for the designer travel accessory; if you want to accompany the mask with a travel pillow from the same brand you’ll have to dig even deeper and find £75.

Travel Diary

Whether you’re on a round the world adventure or just on the annual family holiday you might enjoy writing all about your experiences. If you do then you’ll have a personal travel diary, but if you want to take it to the next level treat yourself to a lambskin travel and experiences notebook from Smythson. Available in various colours including green, blue and black this luxurious travel journal will set you back a cool £45.


Luxury Luggage

If you want to stand out from the crowd you’ll want a luxury piece of luggage, whether it’s Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton or Paul Smith you’re almost guaranteed not to see anyone with the same case. A particular collection of rolling suitcases in Paul Smith will cost you £565 for a 91L capacity that’s around £6.20 a litre, doesn’t sound too bad, right?


On a long journey a pair of £10 earphones won’t cancel out the loud noise from the aeroplane; but don’t fret Bang & Olufsen have the answer. Their BeoPlay H6 headphones are a top quality personal sound system, perfect for watching films or listening to music whilst you’re on the move. The sleek design doesn’t shout luxury but the sound they generate will leave you wondering why you didn’t buy them earlier. The only stumbling block is the price, £329.



If you want to look cool and stylish on the beach then a pair of luxury sunglasses are perfect. The pair you bought last year for £2.50 may still be in fashion but when you dust them off you notice that one of the lenses have popped out and the arm has fallen off. If you want a pair that will stand the test of time you might have to spend a little more. Granted some sunglasses will set you back around £300 but you can get a nice pair of Ray Bans for around £150; £75 an eye doesn’t sound too bad.

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