There are many beautiful destinations that you could choose for your holiday, but how do you decide on just one? Spain and Turkey are two of the most popular vacation countries in the world, so I thought I’d see how they compare.

Each destination will be compared on its food, history, beaches, attractions and value for money, which of these holiday giants will you choose?

Spain is a laid back country full of sun, sea, sangria and siestas. If you want a beach filled holiday you’ll be spoilt for choice with over 3,000 miles of sandy shores, coves and hidden bays. Over half of Spain’s coastline is against the calm waters of the Mediterranean, stretching from the quaint village of Tarifa to the edge of the dramatic Andes mountain range that borders France.


But there is more to Spain than just the expansive beaches; take a trip to the Catalonian city of Barcelona and bask in the relaxed lifestyle and magnificent architecture that resonates through streets. There is so much to see and do from the many water and theme parks to the great range of watersports on offer.


The rolling hills and mountains of central Spain hold many secrets. With hidden villages and vineyards clinging to the slopes they still retain much of their traditional Spanish charm. Indulge prawn paella washed down with a San Miguel.

The eastern Mediterranean country of Turkey has long been a holiday favourite, with almost endless blue skies and beautiful sunsets. The stunning coastal resorts of Marmaris, Fethiye and Bodrum welcome holidaymakers with soft sands and lush green surroundings, whilst the towns and cities are immersed in culture and history.


The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is brimming with religious attractions such as the Orakoy Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Museum/church. This transcontinental city is also one of the gateways to the Black Sea. The Bosphorus is a beautiful channel where you can experience a guided tour through the heart of this captivating, historical metropolis.


Choosing which Turkish destination to visit can be difficult when each is so beautiful and offers amazing attractions. Each has a rich culture, history and amazing food that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Try a traditional Turkish dish such as a Kofte, each region has its own special mix of spices so you’ll never taste the same mix twice, served with a flatbread and fresh minted yoghurt.

Which of these two destinations are perfect for you? If you want amazing history, culture and delicious food then Turkey may be for you. But if you love miles of golden sands and a variety of attractions then you could choose Spain. Both of these countries offer excellent value for money I couldn’t separate them.

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