We all feel a little deflated coming back from holiday. However, if there’s one thing that makes unpacking even worse, it’s realising that you’ve left something behind in the hotel room. Some items are almost guaranteed to get forgotten, but hotel workers report some other, more unusual items left behind in hotels. Have a look at our list of things that are expected to be found after check out, and some things that certainly are not!

Hotel Room


The usual suspects

Travel adaptors – It’s a miracle if you can make it back home with your travel adapter in your luggage as they always get left sitting in the hotel socket – that’s if you remember to take it in the first place!

Mobile phone chargers – Along the same lines, this common casualty of poor packing is a regular find for the cleaners after the guests have checked out.

Underwear – It’s easy to kick a pair of knickers under to bed, never to be seen again! Same goes for bikinis or trunks that are hung out on the balcony to dry and overlooked when the packing happens.

Electric toothbrushes – As it’s something you can’t pack the night before, it’s easy to forget to pop your toothbrush in your case. Wash bags often face the same fate as they are an essential bathroom item you can’t pre-pack.

Keys – There’s nothing more sure to make you glum when you get home from holidaying than realising you’ve left your house keys in another country – unfortunately it’s one of the top things that people neglect to bring back.

Laptops – It might be a shock that this high value item often doesn’t make it onto the return flight but laptops are named as one of the top things that are left in hotel rooms.

Less obvious things to lose

Animals – Horrified hotel workers have reported animals being abandoned in their rooms and it’s not just cats that get left behind – there are rarer specimens too like ducklings, a python and even a goat dressed like Abraham Lincoln!

£20,000 cash – One honest hotel worker handed in all that cash which was left in a room with all the doors ajar and an occupant who had already checked out!

A pair of breast implants – Goodness knows what these image enhancers were doing in a hotel room in the first place but one thing’s for sure, we hope they weren’t used!

A pantomime horse – This outrageous outfit never made it back to the holidaymaker’s home though it’s fairly like that a stag party brought this for a joke rather than it being a treasured wardrobe item.


So, as you’re packing up your things next time you’re returning from a trip make sure you have everything with you, whether it’s sublime OR ridiculous!

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