Read my 12 travel hacks which will help you fit more in your suitcase, save money and make your travels a little easier. These tips and tricks of the trade can help everyone from single travellers to families.

1) Dryer sheet in your luggage

Sticking a tumble dryer sheet in your luggage before you fly will help all of your clothes stay fresh.

2) Roll, don’t fold

If you’ve got a small case, save space by rolling all of your clothes tightly. You can also keep fragile souvenirs in the middle of them to keep them safe.

3) Underwear in shoes

If you want to bring back a present for every member of the family, stuff your underwear and socks into shoes save even more space and help footwear keep their shape.

4) Use Google Maps offline

Mobile roaming charges can be expensive but if you use Google Maps Offline you can save a particular destination and use it abroad without having to use data.

5) Check Foursquare for passwords

Foursquare should be the first app you download for your travels, use it to check-in and leave useful comments for future visitors. Check Foursquare notes and sometimes you can get the Wi-Fi password for free.

6) Take an extension lead

Hotel rooms are usually limited to one or two plugs so why not take your own. An extension lead with 4 sockets will allow you to have more plugs without the need to carry numerous adapters.

7) SeatGuru

If you’ve got the option to book where you sit on the plane check SeatGuru. Created by TripAdvisor, the site gives you honest traveller reviews about seats and facilities on the plane.

8) Pill cases have many uses

Apart from clearly organising medication, pill cases can be used to keep jewellery from tangling and getting mixed up.

9) Use cling film

Stop your toiletries leaking over your clothes and cover the top with cling film, then tighten the cap over the top for leak free bottles.

10) Fragile luggage

Whether your checked-in luggage is fragile or not, label it with stickers and your case should be handled with extra care. You may also see it being one of the first on the carousel at the arrival airport.

11) Check your TV

If you’ve forgot the USB plug for your mobile device, check the back of your TV; you may find a free port for your phone or tablet.

12) Scan documents

If you’ve lost your important documents (passports, tickets, insurance etc.) you’ll be thankful you’ve got a photocopy of them in your luggage; it’ll get you out of a few sticky situations.


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