Are you a globetrotter or do you stick to the tried and tested summer holiday formula? Do you always seek somewhere new or stay to where you know? Whatever your personal travel habits, it’s likely you share them with millions of others around the world.

Here are 14 fun facts about how we travel.

1. Summer in the city float your boat? Well, exotic and chaotic Bangkok is where the world flocks to, holding the crown as the most visited city in the world.

2. Spain still reins high as one of the most visited destinations by Brits, and with its 8000 km of beaches and fabulous weather, what’s not to love?


3. If you’re looking for an exotic Asian adventure, Burma and Vietnam saw a substantial increase in the number of British visitors in 2013.


4. Whether it’s the buzz of the Big Apple, California dreaming or walking in Memphis, at any one time there are over 60,000 people in the air over the US.


5. Looking to party all night and make a few bob while you’re at it? If so, don’t worry about accommodation in Las Vegas – it has the most hotel rooms of any city in the world.


6. Monaco may be the destination of choice for the rich and famous – but it is actually smaller than Central Park in New York. So if you fancy mingling with the glitterati, you’ll be able to whizz around in no time.


7. Looking for a romantic holiday? Head to Finland to compete in the Wife Carrying World Championships. Couples trek from across the globe to compete in the sport – beats a candlelit beach dinner any day.


8. Fancy lobbing your mates with tomatoes? La Tomatina Festival in Spain is hailed as the world’s biggest food festival, with thousands of globe-trotters taking part every August.

The World's Biggest Tomato Fight At Tomatina Festival

9. Anyone for extreme ironing? This new travel trend requires participants to find the most remote spot for the chore, be it underwater in Bali or at the top of Kilimanjaro.

Extreme Ironing

10. Stuck in a holiday rut? Many of us opt to return to a tried and tested destination every year. So be brave and try somewhere new – whether it’s jungle surfing in Africa, desert trekking in Dubai or soaking up the rays on a paradise island.

Dubia trekking

11. Paris is the most visited country in the world – so why not give it a whirl? Whether it’s a romantic weekend in the city of light, sampling a tipple in glorious Champagne or exploring the flower markets in charming Nice, France is one for the bucket list.


Nice Flower market

12. Adrenalin junkies may like to head to Nicaragua to try an extreme sport that is growing in popularity – volcano surfing. Simply rock up at Cerro Negro and ‘surf’ it at speeds of up to 50mph.


13. Visitors may flood to Rome every year to visit the iconic sites – but rest assured that you can actually be charitable while holidaying. Simply toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain and sleep well knowing it has been donated to charity.


14. Ever wondered what the most popular type of holiday is? Unsurprisingly, it is beaches and cities. And with a world packed full with such wonderful sites – both natural and man-made – it’s time to get exploring.


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