Despite our friends across the pond sharing the English language with us, there are certain phrases that you might not be as familiar with when you visit the USA. Here is a guide to some of the most confusing that you might encounter while on vacation (holiday).

New York Holiday Taxi in NYC


Out and about:

Transport – Transportation
Tube – Subway
Petrol station – Gas station
A manual gearbox (car) – Stick shift


At the restaurant:

Courgette – Zucchini
Aubergine – Eggplant
Coriander – Cilantro
Fizzy drink – Soda
Bathroom – Restroom



Trousers – Pants
Pharmacy – drugstore
Bobby pin – hair grip
Nappies – Diapers
Cafetiere – French press


On the beach:

Swimming costume – Bathing suit
Ice pop – Popsicle


And just plain odd:

Bum bag – Fanny pack


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