Let’s face it – Brits abroad often stick out with their socks and sandals, chronic sunburn and football shirts. It sometimes pays to blend in at your preferred holiday destination, and it doesn’t take much to be less conspicuous in a foreign country by wearing subtly stylish clothes. One way NOT to endear yourself to the locals is to try and mimic their stereotypical style. The following outfit options would not be advisable if you want to make friends with the indigenous people while you’re away:

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While a Breton striped t-shirt can look very chic and a beret worn the right way is fine as most French clothing is stylish and subtle, what you don’t want to do is wear them all together and add a string of onions round your neck as it’s likely a passing Parisian will try and strangle you with them!



The weather is surprisingly mild in Germany and shorts are advisable most of the summer, but if you take it a step further and sport full lederhosen the only thing you’re going to look like is someone on a stag party, or a busker. Either way, you’ll be totally conspicuous and certainly not look like one of the locals.



You really have to commit if you want to create an outfit based on the stereotypical Greek look, but luckily you can go one of two ways with it. Opt for all-white and a laurel leaf crown in a nod to the Greek gods, or concentrate on cultivating your body hair to create a coarse and curly chest beard. Make sure you take your trip in summer so you can strip off your top and show of your frizzy creation!



When you head to Spain, sporting a local football kit it is likely to be well received. What won’t be welcomed would be sporting a full matador costume – at best you’ll look like an idiot and at worst you might find yourself in an impromptu running of the bulls!


So try and avoid angering the locals by not emulating a style they don’t really sport, and keep it sleek and stylish to stay under the radar on holiday. For more advice on fashion faux-pas while abroad, check out this article we posted a few months ago about Holiday Fashion Faux Pas.


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