Running along the Adriatic coastline, Croatia is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in southeast Europe. One of the main destinations, Dubrovnik, so stunning it’s often referred to as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’. Becoming ever more popular each year thanks to its hot summer weather and quality hotels and attractions, Croatia is definitely somewhere you should consider this summer.

Fast Facts
  • Flight Time – 3 Hours 35 Minutes to Split
  • Time Zone/Difference – Croatia is 2 hours ahead of the UK
  • Language – Croatian
  • Peak Season – April to September
  • Currency – Croatian Kuna
  • Capital – Zagreb
  • Popular Resorts – Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rovinj, Zargreb, Pula

What To Do


Krka National Park

1 of 8 National Parks in Croatia, Krka is one of the lesser known of the natural wonders that are hidden the lush green forests. Similar to Plitvice National Park in the north, Krka offers beautiful scenic walks on wooden paths that lead to large lakes and waterfalls. One thing that Krka does offer that other nature reserves don’t are the castles and other historic buildings; they work harmoniously with the natural surroundings and create a picture perfect scene.


 Jarun Lake

Jarun Lake is the centre of attention in the capital, and there are also fantastic hiking trails, restaurants, bars and even a city centre beach on offer. It’s a full day out and with so much to see an do in this beautiful part of Zargreb, it might even take you a couple of days to explore everything the lake has to offer.


Dubrovnik Cable Car

From the historic walled town of Dubrovnik hop on the cable car and peer down over the crystal clear waters from 405 metres above sea level. With views out over the town below and the nearby islands, the cable car is the best place to enjoy the sun setting over the horizon. If you are lucky enough to visit when there is an event on in the hill top amphitheatre, you’ll witness a show in the most beautiful location in all of Croatia.

Where To Stay


Monte Mulini Hotel, Rovinj

If you want to stay in a beautiful hotel with even more stunning surroundings, then the Monte Mulini Hotel is perfect for you. Only 1km from the historic town of Rovinj, the hotel offers breath taking views of the Adriatic and an idyllic beach. On the edge of the Forest Park Golden Cape peninsula, the hotel has easy access to the nature park where you can find a quiet corner to relax and take in the warm summer sun.


Aristos Hotel, Zargreb

Situated in Zargreb’s suburb of Buzin and just minutes from the train station, the 4 star Aristos Hotel offers excellent facilities. It’s just 4km from Zargreb fair where you’ll be able to get a heart shaped gingerbread biscuit; a traditional souvenir from the Croatian capital. If you want a day to relax, then retreat into the hotel’s spa where you can have a number of massages, treatments and spend time in the indoor swimming pool.


More Hotel

The modern More Hotel is located just north of the small town of Dubrovnik. It has a sleek interior design and is partially built into the hill behind it. With a great range of facilities from a fully equipped gym and several bars to a heated swimming pool and private beach, the More Hotel has everything a family will need to have a great time in Croatia.

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