We’re introducing a new feature that should help make your holidays more interactive.

It’s always fun to show off your language skills when you’re on holiday but to help make sure you’re not embarrassing yourself – or insulting your waiter – here are some key phrases that should keep you out of trouble while you soak up the sun!

Spain, Espana, written in the sand

This month we’re focusing on holidays to Spain, so hopefully you’ll avoid any awkward Pidgin English moments when ordering your tapas:

Hello – Hola

Goodbye – Adiós

Yes – Sí

No – No

Thanks – Gracias

Excuse me – Perdona

Can you help me please? – Me puedes ayudar por favor?

I’m sorry I don’t understand – Lo siento, no te entiendo

Do you speak English? – Hablas Inglés?

Where is the toilet? – Dónde está el lavabo?

Two beers please – Dos cervezas por favor

Can we get the bill? – Me traes la cuenta?

And some sillier ones:

Are you single? – Estás solero/a? (soltero is masculine and soltera is feminine)

Do you have any Abba? (to a DJ) – Podrías poner Abba?

Do you know where I can buy some after sun? – Sabes dónde puedo comprar After Sun? (the Spanish call it After Sun because of the brand of Suncream although it’s pronounced slightly differently)

Do you have any paracetamol? – Tienes Paracetamol?

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