Everyone loves movies and holidays don’t they? For this week’s Staff Picks, we asked around the office to find out everyone’s favourite film with a holiday theme:

Robin says:

Roman holiday: A great rom-com with fantastic views of Rome and two of the silver screen’s most likeable stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.



Neil says:

Stand By Me: An all-time classic film following the summer holiday adventures of a group of school kids. It evens stars the late, great River Pheonix.



Michael says:

Lost in Translation: A glimpse into the unique and absurd sub-cultures in modern Tokyo.



Ben says:

Film with a Holiday Theme: Road trip – reminds me of 6th form when I’d just got my first car – no antics like the film but still a bit of nostalgia!



Vivek says:

Home Alone: Family goes on holiday, kid inspires an entire generation.



Anup says:

The Hangover: Everybody should go to Vegas for a stag do!


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