If you’re looking to unwind in a destination that feels a million miles away, then a holiday to Tunisia is the perfect pick for you. It offers beautiful beaches, great weather, superb hospitality and sights you’ll never forget – from beachside Kasbahs to immense sites of archaeological interest. If you need more to tempt you to book your next trip away then check out our fascinating fact file about Tunisia:

El Djem Colosseum

It’s only ever had two Presidents!

Tunisia was only declared a republic on 25 July 1957 and since then only two presidents have been in charge of it! But stranger still it doesn’t just have a President – Tunisia has a President AND a Prime Minister!

Roman ruins are a big tourist attraction

Tunisia is famed for its archaeological sites and the most popular by far is Carthage, home of the doomed queen Dido who legend has it threw herself on her funeral pyre after Aeneas left her on his quest to find Rome. It’s easily accessible from the capital city of Tunis and you can expect ruins in the form of everything from Amphitheatre’s to villas and tiny trinkets to Roman baths.

It’s host to some amazing Medinas

Shopping in Tunisia is quite an experience and if you head to a Medina, like the one in Hammamet, you can expect the hard sell as soon as they realise you’re a tourist. These bustling markets are full of fantastic foreign sights and smells, as well as innumerable mementos made to haggle over!

Home of Greek Mythology

Tunisia is home to one of the most memorable stops on the journeys of Odysseus, the famous Greek hero in Homer’s Odyssey. Djerba is said to be home to the seductive lotus eaters, a tribe who spent their whole lives feasting on these flowers and when Odysseus’s crew indulge, he nearly loses them to the inhabitants of the islands. It’s easy to see where the story stemmed from too, leaving Djerba is almost impossible as it’s so idyllic!

Transport isn’t geared towards train lovers

The capital Tunis is the only area in Tunisia that offers a tube service, everywhere else you have to get around on a coach, public bus or in a taxi. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, lots of the tourist resorts, like Skanes offer another, more old fashioned form of transport that’s not for the faint hearted – camel rides of course!

Lots of Star Wars was shot in Tunisia

An impressive amount of Star Wars was shot in Tunisia, including almost all shots of Tatooine. Episode I, II and IV all feature scenes shot in Tunisia, so if you’re a Star Wars super-fan then this is the only holiday destination for you! If you don’t love sci-fi then never fear, some of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Monty Python’s Life of Brian were also filmed here!

So whether you want to lay out on the beach at Sousse, visit the imposing Great Mosque of Kairouan, sip some cocktails by the pool, or trek around the ancient city of Carthage, there’s something in Tunisia for every kind of holidaymaker!

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