With so much choice on offer now, going to a festival has become a summer institution. For those after a short break then the UK has a whole host of festivals from Glastonbury and Latitude to V and Creamfields. There’s even more on offer if you venture to Europe and make a real adventure of your summer holidays, with unmissable events like Sunsplash in Turkey and Benicassim in Spain, as well as a festival in every destination in between.

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Choosing your perfect festival and getting the flights booked is only the start though – from that point on you need to be on the ball when it comes to everything from packing and partying to make sure you aren’t a victim of any one of the common pitfalls of festival frolicking. Follow our handy ‘how to’ guide to flag up all the things you should be aware of and how to get out of every sticky situation:

How to…make sure you make it home with all your belongings

Ensure everything valuable stays with you at all times and be cut-throat at the packing stage, if it costs a lot and it’s not essential for you festival experience then it needs to stay at home.

How to… keep your tent from getting trashed

Just make sure you’re sensible when it comes to your tent, after all, you’ll be in there for the long haul. All muddy clothes should be off before you clamber in and no antisocial behaviour like smoking or eating in the tent is also advisable.

How to…beat any woeful weather

Make sure you pack a pair of wellies and some winter clothes in case the weather takes a turn for the worse – especially in the UK! Add a bumper pack of sunscreen to make sure you don’t get burned while you’re out under the rays all day.

How to…avoid the showers

There’s one thing that’s sure to keep you well out the way of the dreadful festival shower and that’s a trusty packet of wet wipes. Another top tip is to fill an old ice cream tub with wet wipes, flannel, soap and dry shampoo. It keeps all your toiletries together and makes an amazing makeshift sink!

How to…not lose all your friends

As soon as you get to the camp site, make sure you make a plan so that if anyone goes missing you all know where you’re going to meet to avoid drunken disasters.

How to… cope best with the terrible toilets

The toilets usually get a clean first thing so make sure you pop to the lavatory at the start of the day or follow the path of the cleaning van for a guarantee of a fresh loo. If you can face it avoid the portaloos altogether and go to a long drop toilet – it may seem gross but a tiny portaloo is far more tragic after a few hours. And remember to take wet wipes and a trusty hand sanitizer with you because even a freshly cleaned festival toilet is a bit grim!

So to make sure you have a fun trip without experiencing any holiday horrors, follow our ‘how to’ list and you’ll be able to avoid all the things that could threaten to spoil your festival fun! Maybe you’ve got some helpful tips on surviving the festival season that you could share with our readers…

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