Going to a festival has become an essential part of the summer holiday season, whether you’re going to a one day event, taking a weekend out or factoring it into a longer break. There’s plenty on offer in this country whatever your musical tastes, from V and Glastonbury, to the Reading and Leeds festivals. Venture further afield and check out some of the amazing events occurring all across Europe – from Spain and Croatia, to Paris to Germany.

Festival crowd with arms in the air

Festivals offer a chance to listen to bands while sat in the sun, and you have the option of extending the fun by factoring in a holiday after the festival is over – whether you’re catching up with your nearest and dearest for an affordable family holiday or vegging out and recharging your batteries with your pals. Whatever kind of festival experience you’re after though, one thing is for sure, you need to put in a bit of planning to make sure the whole thing goes smoothly. Follow our top tips to ensure you don’t commit any of the common festival faux pas:

Leave your valuables at home

Only take the essentials to a festival. You won’t want to be carrying all your electronics around with you when you’re there – and you’ll be having too much fun to use them anyway. Bringing expensive items is tempting fate as leaving them in a tent is anything but secure. Most modern ‘problems’ can be overcome with ease, like using a pen and paper to leave a note in the tent for your friends if you’re separated, or stipulating a meeting place before you set out. So ditch the mobile phone, leave the tablet at home and surrender to the true festival spirit!

Plan who you want to see before you get there

Instead of running around trying to take in all the acts on offer, you need to make a list of who you want to see before you get there so that you don’t spend the majority of you time traipsing around trying to please everyone and not actually seeing any of the bands.

Have a plan to keep yourself clean

The biggest problem most people encounter at a festival face is the need to keep clean. Toilets are a real downside of camping out but being savvy about the lavatories is pretty simple – follow the cleaning van and always go first thing when they have had a thorough disinfecting. When it comes to keeping your body looking and smelling sweet, it’s easy to do without facing the showers. Dry shampoo is essential as are wet wipes. Keep these and a bar of soap and a flannel in an old ice cream tub as it keeps them together and makes a great temporary sink!

Set out a space to really relax at the end of the day

Make sure your tent offers you somewhere comfortable to collapse at the end of the day. If you’re heading out with friends, lay down the law on tent etiquette – from no food and definitely no smoking inside the tent, to taking muddy/sandy clothes off before you enter. If you’re going to a family-friendly festival like Bestival or Latitude, keeping the tent cosy for little festival go-ers is even more important, so impose a ban on sticky fingers and a maximum amount of toys they can bring so you don’t end up with a tent that’s a tip.

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