There’s plenty on offer when it comes to Italy holidays. You’ll find sun, sea and sand – or skiing and snowboarding depending where you decide to go – but one thing you’re guaranteed to find wherever you go in Italy is incredible food.
It’s not just pizza, pasta and gelato either. Depending where you travel to, the regional dishes are the ones you won’t forget when you’re home, so make sure you make an effort to experience the local fare. Here are some of the most delicious dishes you should be looking out for across Italy:

Italian Food, Pizza


As well as canals, winding medieval streets and amazing art, the regional dishes of Venice are something really special. Venice is famed for its crisp crostoli pastries and its delicious radicchio and pancetta salads – just perfect if you need to fill a hole after a long afternoon of exploring in the sun.



If you’re touring around Italy and want to get off the usual tourist track then the area of Piedmont is well-worth a visit as it’s renowned for its amazing food. There’s brasato al vino, an unctuous beef stew marinated in wine and risotto alla piemontese, which is flavoured with truffles, parmesan and nutmeg – a decadent treat you won’t find in your local Italian bistro.



If you’re after incredible architecture and a thoroughly Italian atmosphere then Sicily is not to be missed. While you’re there, you’ll probably want to try a couple of dishes too! Arancini are balls of creamy risotto rice stuffed with cheese and meat, then breaded and fried, and cannoli is the iconic Sicilian pastry with a ricotta cream filling and crispy shell.



If you want to really immerse yourself in your surroundings when you visit Italy then Umbria is the ideal location. It specialises in thick and nourishing soups and stews, like minestra di faro, a soup made out of farro which is relative of wheat. Fish fanatics will go crazy for regina in porchetta, a kind of carp in fennel sauce.



If you get tired of wandering around Naples or exploring Pompeii you might want to take a trip to Sorrento, a great favourite of locals and tourists. It offers a delicious local gnocci dish called gnocchi Sorrento, made with meat sauce, basil, mozzarella and parmesan.


Lake Garda

Lake Garda and the surrounding areas like Malcesine and Limone sul Garda are renowned for their fresh sun-dried Lake Garda fish, so if you’re crazy about seafood then this is a local delicacy you won’t want to miss.


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