From Mexico and Gambia to the USA, there are plenty of affordable destinations that offer an exotic alternative to your normal holidays. While you can experience new cultures, taste incredible local cuisine and enjoy amazing weather, there is one drawback to going further afield and that’s the length of the flight! But never fear, with the following top tips you can make even the longest flight more bearable.


Long Haul


Be prepared – make sure you compile a list of all the items you need to pack in your hand luggage to keep you comfortable on your flight. You need items to see you through from bedtime to breakfast, as it’s best to try and sleep a little to split up the time. Pack toiletries and toothbrushes to keep you feeling fresh and layer up when you get dressed to make sure you’re at the right temperature throughout the journey.

Load up on apps – Prepare your iPad and stock up on books for your kindle so even if you can’t sleep, you’ll have plenty to keep you amused.

Pick your seat wisely – If you know you won’t sleep then you should take an aisle seat so you’re free to get up and wander about without disturbing anyone. If you’re out for the count almost immediately then grab the window seat so you have something to lean your pillow on while you snooze!

Keep little ones amused – Make sure you have a plan to keep your kids occupied while on a long haul flight so you – and everyone around you – can get some peace while you travel. In-flight movies will keep them happy for a while so make sure your screens are working and alert a flight attendant immediately if they aren’t. Try and pack travel games and toys, download lots of child-friendly apps and set them challenges to keep them engaged. Don’t forget to take lots of snacks so they don’t get hungry and grouchy between meals and you have an alternative if they don’t fancy the in-flight meals on offer.


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