When you head through customs, there’s always that moment when you think, ‘what if someone’s slipped something in my bag and I’m heading straight to jail!’ Thankfully this is usually the work of an over-active imagination rather than a band of criminal masterminds, and the things that customs will be pulling you over for are likely to be a bigger than a tube of moisturiser!¬†However, there are some people that will try to get anything aboard a plane. Check out our list of the most ridiculous items that people have tried to smuggle through customs on their holiday:


Illegal ancient artefacts

Subtlety is key when it comes to smuggling, and what isn’t subtle in the slightest are two life-sized marble statues of men originating from ancient Greece and dating back to the 6th century BC! However, some determined daredevils tried to get just that through customs, needless to say they are now safely on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens!


Pants full of passengers

We aren’t talking about trying to sneak a pampered pooch on board in a handbag, we mean smuggling endangered species into other countries cloaked in clothing and trousers – the top place to pop illegal animal passengers. They’ve tried everything from pigeons taped to thighs to iguanas popped in prosthetic legs. Then there’s the person who tried to fly with dozens of not so subtle songbirds sewn to his socks and, best of all, one guy even made a temporary home for two pygmy monkeys… in his underpants! It’s not just the gents either, a woman was found with 75 live snakes in her bra and another managed to get multiple bags of tropical fish into a specially made apron under skirt and almost got to the a plane, until her thunderous thighs gave her away!


Pets in the most peculiar places

One man treasured his pet tortoise so much that he tried to take him on his trip away with him, disguising him as a hamburger! Then there was the man caught in Geneva airport with a case literally packed with endangered spiders and the brazen traveller who tried to get a marmoset through customs, concealed under his hat! But by far the most novel approach from animal smugglers came when a lady tried to trick Thai authorities by popping a real tiger cub in a suitcase with a heap of plush tiger toys. Needless to say the X-ray soon spoiled her fun.

So next time you panic that your liquids are too big or you’re going to get busted for bringing your nail file on board, relax, at least you haven’t got case full of critters in the cargo hold!

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