Going on holiday with all the family doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes lots of planning to get everything together, ready for your time in the sun. This list is here to help you make sure you remember everything right down to the final detail; will you pack the essentials or will you need to nip to the Spanish supermarket for that all-important sun cream?



I know before I head off to tropical destinations, I always go ‘holiday shopping’. The usual’s are always on my list; sun cream, after sun, insurance and travel money. But I also stock up on sweets and biscuits for the plane (it saves so much money compared to airport prices), which means more money to spend on duty free.

Beauty Treatments

Now I know that my girlfriend spends months planning what she is going to get done before she goes away, her hair and nails are just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes she may even go to the local spa for a day of rest and relaxation before the holiday. Most men, including myself just get their hair cut for the annual family getaway.



Are you a last minuter or a meticulous planner? You can tell a lot about a person by how much time they spend packing or even planning to pack. Personally I enjoy packing the night before, it gets me excited knowing that in the morning I’ll be on the plane heading straight for the beach. But I know other members of my family like to start making lists and laying out the clothes they want to take with them a month or more before!

If you want some help packing your luggage for your holiday why not take a look at our travel hacks, they’ll help you travel smarter and comfier.

At the Airport                                                  

Once you’ve checked in and your baggage starts its journey through the bowels of the airport, you’ll no doubt head towards the duty free stores, bars and restaurants. Before I fly I always have a full English breakfast and a pint; my favourite way to start the holiday. Everyone has something they love to do in the airport. I’ve seen people get out their handheld radio and listen to the control tower and planes, people shop until they drop and probably the most memorable; I’ve seen the result of the supercar prize draw and the person was still in the terminal, about to jet off!

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