Filled with white sand beaches, swaying palms, and clear turquoise waters, the Caribbean has long been known to embody the ultimate holiday utopia.

With all this sprawled before your eyes, it’d be rude not to take a picture or 10; whipping out your smartphone, this is exactly what Instagram was made for.

But beyond the typical Caribbean hot spots like Bermuda and Aruba are a whole host of picturesque destinations just waiting for their close up.



This island is part of the Grenadines and one of the most exclusive places in the Caribbean. With a population of 1,200, the 1,400 acre island accepts just 500 tourists at a time to wander the nine pristine beaches, pamper themselves at several spas, enjoy water sports, and stay in one of the 100 privately owned villas.

Due to the minimal tourist acceptance, this is the perfect place to experience an island in practical isolation. Surrounded by lush green palms on the western coast, Britannia Bay is an intimate spot to relax, providing some of the best photo opportunities, snorkelling and swimming. Basil’s Bar is a great place to sit and take pictures of the Bay whilst enjoying a cocktail and music.



The sister Island of St. Martin, this up-and-comer offers fantastic scenery across its unique and rugged terrain. Relatively small, there are only 1,800 locals, Saba hasn’t been invaded by mass tourism, huge shopping facilities and casinos; allowing you to relax in its natural serenity. With no traditional beaches to speak of, this volcanic island, known as the ‘Unspoiled Queen’ is surrounded by rolling green hills, stunning fauna and flora and mango and mahogany trees; a truly unique Caribbean spot. The volcanic peak known as Mt Scenery features lush rainforests, with a cloud-forest atmosphere at its peak, perfect for hiking and Instagramming.

Heralded as one of the world’s top 10 diving destinations, the surrounding waters were declared the Saba National Marine Park in 1987; sporting a well preserved coral reef, and a thriving marine environment, filled with colourful and lively fish.

Cat Island


Lying southeast of Nassau, this island offers perfect photo opportunities of coral reefs, tucked away coves and beautifully glistening beaches. Relatively tourist free due to its undeveloped nature, this allows more natural beauty to shine past the few tiki bars and resorts.

Enjoy days relaxing on beaches at Fernandez Bay – great for surfing and perfect for snaps of the sun setting over the glistening waters. Make the most of dive sites like the famous Blue Hole or the Santa Maria Teresa; a shipwreck from the Spanish-American War. Aside from the secluded beaches and shallow lagoons, embark on a nature tour at Smith’s Bay where you can go bird watching, kayaking, snorkelling, and hiking; providing ideal holiday photo opportunities.

Los Roques


This archipelago off the coast of Venezuela consists of tiny islands, cays and islets spanning more than 40 miles. Known for its remote and romantic feel, you can experience exactly that at one of the many mangrove lagoons and beaches. Places like Cayo de Agua and Cayo Crasqui comprise of stunning white beaches and clear waters, shrouded in swaying green palms, whereas Francisqui Island is perfect for windsurfing and fishing.

The area became a designated National Park back in the 1970s and contains amazing wildlife, such as three species of turtles you can see at Estacion de Biologia Marina Dos Mosquises. Alongside hiking and sailing along the harbour, one of the best things to do is, take a fishing boat into an uninhabited cay for a day time picnic; where you may spot some flamingos. This provides perfect photo opportunities, before you end the day with a sunset beer on land.



Where undeveloped and romance collide, this tiny sister island to Antigua is a budding honeymoon destination. With just 62 square miles and only two resorts, this long sandy strip of an island provides perfect seclusion for newlyweds.

Surrounded by stunning untouched beauty, you can absorb the lush greenery of the hills or the turquoise tranquillity of the waters. Ideal photo spots include the seamless 17 mile beach and Coco Point, which boasts striking pink sands. Other great things to do here include snorkelling, fishing, diving and bird watching at places like Frigate Bird Sanctuary; the only nesting place of the species outside of the Galapagos. Another great spot, and picture opportunity, is Darby Cave; a popular sinkhole featuring ancient cave drawings.

Isla Mujeres


Just off Cancun you’ll find the charming Isla Mujeres. Don’t be fooled by its relatively small four mile size, as this former fishing village is chock full of excitement for those looking for adventure and relaxation.

Relax and unwind on stunning beaches like Playa Norte, or soak in some of the best island views at Punta Sur; perfectly designed for all budding photographers. Indulge in a spot of snorkelling and visit the Cancun Underwater Museum nearby, containing over 400 sculptures and vast amounts of coral growth and colourful fish. More spectacular sites surround the island, such as the Makak Lagoon and the Garrafon Natural Reef Park – all displaying utopian ideals before your eyes.

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