Rum, cigars and 1950’s classic cars – intoxicating Cuba will engulf you in a whirlwind of colour and promise you an unforgettable holiday.

Boasting outstanding resorts, delicious food and a fascinating history and culture, a dream getaway awaits with a whole selection of exciting things to do.

Here are six of our top picks.

1.       Rumba your way through Havana


Music and dancing is a way of life in Cuba, with spontaneous live bands and rumba sessions breaking out on random street corners across Havana.

To be catapulted into this fantastic experience, head to the colourful alley of Callejon de Hemel in Havana where bright murals decorate the walls.  Get those hips moving and feet tapping as you experience raw Cuban culture at its best.

2.       Climb Cuba’s highest peak


Santiago de Cuba boasts Cuba’s highest peak in the breathtaking Sierra Mastra Mountains. So pull on those hiking boots, head to the beautiful Turquino National Park, and look out for exotic plants, flowers and wildlife.

When evening falls, Santiago is taken over by a vibrant party atmosphere, so head to a destination such as Tropicana Santiago to dance the night away.

3.       Cruise around in a classic car


Bright and iconic classic cars of the 1950’s are synonymous with Cuba, so during your stay why not live like a local and hire one out – or better still hire a driver too so you can tour around in style?

4.       Try your hand at cigar rolling


Another of Cuba’s most successful exports has to be the cigar and visiting one of the factories in Havana that rolls the fine grain tobacco will allow you to have a guided tour and hear all about the meticulous process. The Partagos Factory is one option and offers reasonable entrance fees.

5.       Step back in time


A visit to Trinidad de Cuba will literally transport you back in time as you take in the impressive colonial architecture and ancient palaces.

Once you’ve had enough of history hunting, the destination also boasts phenomenal beaches where you can either have a go at snorkelling and diving in the crystal clear water, or flop on the sand with a book and mojito.

6.       Talkin’ bout a revolution…


So much of Cuba’s history centres on the revolution that you can’t pay a visit to the country and not see Revolution Square. The huge and impressive statue of Josi Marti is the centrepiece, while a large image of Che Guevara decorates the side of a building. A museum in the square explains all you need to know about this period in time, and you can pay homage to the legends and freedom-fighters that have gone down in history.

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