Mysterious, enchanting and ancient, Egypt is a destination everyone should visit at least once in their life time.

Whether it’s to gaze at wondrous monuments, bask on a sun-drenched beach or experience the country’s natural beauty, this destination offers something for everyone.

Places to visit

The incredible ancient history of Egypt is what tempts many visitors to its shores.

A trip here will allow you to experience the magnificent Pyramids of Giza – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In addition, you can visit fascinating sites such as the mysterious temples of Karnak and Luxor, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamun’s tomb.


Shoppers will love visiting Cairo’s bustling and colourful Khan-al-Khalili bazaar, while adventurers can experience the vast wonder of the dessert with a 4×4 safari trip and trip to a Bedouin village.

Egypt it also fantastic for a beach holiday. Sharm el Sheikh not only offers beautiful beaches but is renowned for its incredible marine life and gorgeous coral reefs. A popular diving and snorkelling spot, you can enjoy swimming among multi-hued fish and sea creatures.

Similarly, the luxury resort town of Hurghada is also a premier spot for underwater exploration. Beautiful beaches, fantastic watersports and incredible restaurants, bars and open air clubs make this resort a great choice for a holiday.

Other holiday highlights include cruising down the Nile on a traditional felucca, visiting the beautiful red Sinai Mountains and venturing into the magical desert on a camel trek where you can sleep under the stars.


When to go

Another huge advantage of holidays in Egypt is you will enjoy guaranteed sunshine whenever you go. If you want pleasant balmy days, then winter is a great time to travel with temperatures reaching around 20 degrees in January.

Or if sizzling in sweltering temperatures is what you’re after, travelling in July will treat you to temperatures in the mid to late 30’s.  Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

What to wear

Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country and as such the dress code is conservative. However, on Red Sea resorts it is more relaxed, and both men and women will feel comfortable wearing their usual holiday gear.

When visiting cities and areas outside of the main tourist resorts, dress modestly. Women should wear either a skirt that is below the knee or loose trousers, and a sleeved top that covers the tops of their arms and shoulders.

Avoid strappy tops, tight clothes and low necks – not only is it seen as disrespectful but you could also attract unwanted attention.


Finally…a few tips

  • As with many holiday destinations, don’t drink the tap water – buy bottled.
  • Avoid unpeeled fruit and veg.
  • In a health emergency, dial 123 and ask for an ambulance.
  • Tipping is important in Egypt so ensure you carry small notes in your purse or wallet.
  • Brush up on your haggling skills before you travel and be prepared to barter. However, to avoid eye contact with vendors wear dark glasses.
  • Outside of the main holiday resorts, public displays of affection are frowned upon.
  • Avoid the ‘thumbs up’ gesture – this is offensive throughout the Arab world.


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