Decided Which Canary Island Is Perfect For You? Discover What It Has To Offer Here

Looking around at most groups of people going on holiday, there’s usually a loud one, a quiet one and maybe even someone a little bit different from the rest. Well the same could be said about the Canary Islands – something to bear in mind when you’re booking holiday deals.

So which of these fabulous islands would suit you best? We’ve taken a scientific approach could to help you choose the best destination for you – based on your personality!


Larger than Life

What hasn’t a Tenerife holiday got we ask… Its entertainment heaven, so a great option for outgoing extroverts on the hunt for a break packed with thrills and spills. It’s the largest island in the Canaries and has a personality to match. This means it’s a favourite for families who need to entertain both the younger and older members of the group. There’s the highest mountain in Spain to climb, a rocky landscape to hike and bustling resorts to enjoy, as well as one of the largest water parks in Europe.


Similar Sibling?

Tenerife and Gran Canaria are sometimes mentioned in one breath as they are both so well known for their amazing night-life and big resorts – while both are great for extroverts Gran Canaria holidays give off their own vibe. A bit smaller, as well as not being as busy as its neighbour Tenerife, this island has many hotel, food and restaurant options as well as another more adventurous side. You can easily go hiking in the volcanic terrain or explore your hidden darker side in the numerous caves. Gran Canaria is definitely a split personality, part extrovert but also an island which combines its outgoing nature with a similar yearning for a bit of peace and quiet.


Got the Look

All the Canary Islands could pass for the ‘pretty one’, with golden beaches and volcanic terrain, but Lanzarote might just pip the others to the post. Development regulations means new resorts tend to look traditional – taking some of the commercialism away from the larger resorts. The black sand beaches and Timanfaya Park make the island unforgettable and very easy on the eye. It’s not all window dressing though, a Tenerife holiday also offers a good range of accommodation and activities, like golf, wind surfing and scuba diving.


Quieter Cousin

Fuerteventura stands out from the other islands because it’s seen as the quietest of the four mentioned above.  It’s all endless beaches, windswept dunes and compact resorts. A great spot for nature fans and sports lovers, it’s the second biggest of the Canaries but doesn’t have the same bustle found on some of the other islands. It’s the nearest Canary Island to Africa and this is revealed in the warm winds blowing across its beaches, which are a favourite with families looking for a more peaceful holiday.


View the Canary Islands on our customised Google Map.

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