Our Christmas shopping efforts could become a lot easier if we think ahead to our nearest and dearests’ next holidays.

Whether they’re spending the summer sunning themselves on the Balearics or watching shows at SeaWorld on a Florida holiday, you will be able to think ahead and find a gift that will make their holiday even better.


Beach-Proof camera

Although our idea of blissful holiday deals is often hot sun, sand and splashing around in the sea, digital equipment isn’t always up to the task of capturing all these holiday memories. Thankfully there is a whole range of cameras on the market that are built to withstand moisture, sand and even sunscreen. So if your other half will be sitting on the front bench at SeaWorld getting soaked by the marine shows next summer, the camera will be fine!


Ergonomic Luggage

We probably all do it at some point… sitting on our luggage trying to get the zip to close, and some of us are unlucky enough to break the zip or entire suitcase in the process. If you’re shopping for an avid holiday-goer then getting them good quality luggage may not prevent them from over packing, but suitcases might last longer. Ergonomic designs mean they’re easier to wheel around so heavy bags shouldn’t hold them back from making check-in on time.


Travel Scale

If buying ergonomic baggage is out of your budget then a digital luggage scale is a handy little gift. This is perfect for those who always over pack, which is probably a given on trips where round-the-clock fun is on offer. If your loved one is looking at Ibiza holidays for next year then they will need to cram outfits for day, night and beach activities into their bag. The travel scale can make sure your nearest and dearest stay within airline luggage restrictions.


Waterproof Makeup

Some destinations – such as Majorca – have always attracted celebrities and looking good on the beach is now a must for most holidaymakers. Risking ‘normal’ makeup on a hot sunny day might result in panda eyes at the very least, so some beach-proof makeup for anyone heading to the sun next tear will go down a treat. There’s a lot to choose from, including waterproof mascara, eye shadow and foundation, many brands also include SPF.


Travel Games

These aren’t necessarily just for kids or for the journey. Down-scaled versions of classics like Guess Who can pass time on peaceful evenings too – good if your loved ones want some downtime with the family on their holidays. If you’re specifically looking to keep your other half entertained on the way to and from their holiday destination, then 747 Things to do on a Plane might go down well in their Christmas stocking.

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