If you’re after a long-haul break that doesn’t break the bank – be that a romantic escape to the sun, a culture-fuelled getaway, or just a lazy couple of weeks at an all-inclusive – then Mexico could provide the perfect destination.

1. Eat, drink and dance

Mexico is home to some fantastic beach resorts, and while many go straight to Acapulco – Mexico’s original resort town – Los Cabos offers an excellent alternative.

A lively 20-mile beach area at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, home to all manner of sophisticated restaurants and bars that cater for all tastes – if you’re a party-loving couple, head for Cabo San Lucas, if it’s a quieter getaway you’re after then try San Jose del Cabo.

And if you’re a more active couple, Los Cabos is a great water sports destination and home to some of the world’s best sport fishing.


2. Step back in time

Mexico has been home to some of the world’s most ancient and mysterious civilisations – and much of the ancient architecture remains intact to this day.

Palenque is a small Mayan city that contains some of the finest examples of that civilisation’s sculptures and architecture, most of which date from between 600AD and 800AD; including the Temple of Inscriptions, the only Mesoamerican pyramid used to house the dead.

Alternatively, Chichen Itza is the largest of the Mayan cities and home to the temple-pyramid El Castillo, which may have been used as a giant ancient calendar, and the circular temple El Caracol, which was used as an ancient astronomical observatory.


3. Take the train

If you think the Grand Canyon is impressive, then take a trip to the Copper Canyon – a network of canyons several times larger than the famous US landmark.

The best way to see this natural wonder is on the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway, which offers spectacular views as it climbs to almost 8,000 feet, passing over 37 bridges and through 86 tunnels.


4. Go deep

Mexico has some of the world’s best snorkelling and scuba diving destinations, notably Cozumel, an island off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, whose array of coral reefs and tropical fish are now part of a National Marine Park.

Alternatively, for the more adventurous divers, the cenotes around the Yucatan peninsula are filled with crystal clear, fresh water and lead to a vast system of underground, underwater caverns and chambers.


5. Hit the beach

If it’s a relaxing beach getaway you’re after then look no further than Cancun – Mexico’s number one coastal destination offers endless golden beaches and the perfect climate for kicking back and taking it easy.

If you really don’t want to lift a finger while you’re away, and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of a family holiday resort, Cancun offers some luxury all-inclusive holidays aimed at couples just like you.

And even if sitting back in the sun for a couple of weeks is your idea of holiday hell, Cancun has some top class restaurants and nightlife, is a great water sports destination and could even provide your base if you fancy checking out some of those ancient Mayan wonders.


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