…Who Has the “H Factor?” 

The sun can put the hot in our holidays abroad and according to our Facebook group these sizzling hot celebs could also add a steamy wow factor to your trip away:

Sun, Sand and Scorchio

There’s a lot to be said for looking at a pretty face on a manly bod on holiday, going by our Facebookers, the guy who comes out as the number one dream date is of course George Clooney. It’s not surprising with his craggy looks, toned body and mischievous smile. If you were to take him to Crete you might just make the Greek gods jealous, as well as all the other female beach-goers, and maybe some of the men too.

 Silhouette Couple on Holiday

Runners’ Up

There’s a tie for second place, with our very own David Beckham head-to-head with fellow Brit Tom Hardy, star of the Dark Knight Rises and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. The down-to-earthness of Beckham proved a winner with some of you, and it doesn’t hurt that you’d get to see those famous legs in action if he decided to kick a ball around at his soccer camp in the USA – what a better way to kick off a Florida holiday? And although Becks has just left America for one last football contract in Europe – don’t worry – rumours are flying that he will be buying a franchise for a soccer club so his roots in America remain strong should that remain your destination of choice. Tom Hardy is also blessed with the kind of pretty-boy looks Beckham is known for, but his acting credentials might fit more of an action-packed date, like sailing down the Nile on beautiful Egypt holidays, rather than a beach footy game. Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt came in third and fourth place, with Depp having the edge over Angelina’s hubby due to his memorable Captain Jack Sparrow character from Pirates of the Caribbean. It seems that some of you like a bit of adventure on your dream dates…


Each to Their Own

Some of you weren’t too impressed with our selection of hot celebs, while others wanted to take them all on holiday! A bit of good conversation was preferred over eye candy for some, and others just wanted their family with them. Depending on the kind of dream date you fancy then we think there’s a celeb for you – whether that’s being marooned with Bear Grylls on a deserted Greek beach, or having a sailing party as Daniel Craig or even Colin Firth dives into the waves, complete with white shirt!

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