If you’re after a holiday destination that offers sun, sea and sand – as well as ancient ruins, a fascinating culture and friendly residents – then Bulgaria is the only place for you. If the fact that a holiday to Sunny Beach reportedly offers more sun than Miami, or that Bulgaria is one of the world’s biggest producers of wine isn’t enough to tempt you, then here are some fun facts about Bulgaria that are sure to tempt you to fly out this year!


It’s all in the name

Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe that hasn’t had a name change since it was first established way back in 681 AD.

It’s not all about the beach

While the Black Sea resorts like Sunny Beach or Duni might be the first things that spring to mind when you think of Bulgaria, nearly a third of the country is covered with forests and there are over 40 mountains, including the famous Balkan range. So if lounging by the ocean isn’t your thing then get the mountain bike out or put on your walking boots and get to grips with this rugged terrain.

Yes means no and no means yes

Bulgarians have reversed the normal nod for yes and shake for no, so you have to stay alert to know what they mean. Even more confusingly, residents of the tourist traps use the regular nod and shake, so you really have to pay attention to what people are saying!

It is home to some historical highlights

Since 1983, Nesebar has been included in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites because of the unusually large number of historical buildings it holds. Although a massive amount of the ancient city of Mesembria is underwater, you can still wander around the streets and visit one of the many churches or ruins of ancient architecture from yesteryear.

Visit the blooms of Bulgaria

You might not have heard but Bulgaria is a big producer of sunflowers and the miles and miles of golden fields dotted along the coast make for quite a sight. However, if sunflowers aren’t your thing but you’re still a floral fanatic then take a trip to ‘Rose Valley’ where most of the world’s rose oil is produced – a key component to most perfumes.

Bagpipes are the national instrument

It’s not just in Scotland that you’ll find bagpipes! Bulgarians commonly play a simpler version of this instrument fashioned out of goat hide called a gaida!

So whether you’re holidaying on the beaches of Duni, heading out to see the historical sites in Nesebar, climbing the Balkan Mountains, or simply sitting back and sampling the potent local wine, there’s an activity on offer in Bulgaria to suit everyone.


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