If you want a holiday that takes you on a journey to another world then Cuba is the only place to choose. It offers a heady mix of white sandy beaches, beautiful blue ocean views and a bustling and vibrant capital packed with cultural hotspots in the form of Havana. Whether you want a romantic break or an adventure for the whole family, Cuba has it all and then some! However, there’s more to this island than just cigars and vintage cars – check out our little known facts for some insider knowledge:

Cuba Classic Cars

There’s a record-breaking tiny resident here

Cuba is home to the Bee Hummingbird – the smallest bird in the whole world. It measures a minuscule two inches from beak to tail, so it’s definitely a case of blink and you’ll miss him!

They were big fans of the Beatles

Believe it or not, Havana is home to more than just a great rum cocktail – there’s also a statue to one of the UK’s most famous musical exports, John Lennon. In 2000, Fidel Castro had a John Lennon statue put up in the John Lennon Park so if you have time on your holiday to Havana then it’s well worth a visit.

Wonderful for waterbabies

If you love diving but don’t want to head all the way to Australia then a holiday to Cayo Coco offers the chance to explore the second largest barrier reef in the world! However, that’s not the only thing you’ll find in the wetter areas on this island – there are plenty of indigenous animals like the wild flamingos, which are particularly common in the nearby Laguna de Leche, which is an unsettling white hue because of its limestone bed!

A nonsense name for an amazing destination

When you think of going on holiday to Guardalavaca, you might picture endless turquoise oceans, sunshine and sand – plus the chance to relax without any interruptions. What you don’t anticipate is keeping a look out for cows being taken but that’s the direct translation of this destinations’ name, ‘guard the cows’. It probably originates back to a time when local farmers yelled this when pilfering pirates were about.

A home for Al Capone

There isn’t an article about Varadero that doesn’t mention that Al Capone owned a holiday home in this region. It’s not a substantiated claim but like all good urban legends it’s stuck, and now there’s even a hotel in the building that was meant to belong to the world’s most famous gangster.

Cuba only recently acknowledged Christmas

From 1969, Castro outlawed having a day off to celebrate the Christmas holiday and instead people were expected to work. Luckily for the Cubans, that ban was lifted in 1997, and not a moment too soon!

So whether you want to enjoy a blissfully relaxed beach holiday in Guardalavaca or Varadero, cocktails and cabaret in Cayo Coco or art, architecture and an amazing party atmosphere in Havana – there’s a Cuban resort that’s made to please!

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