Sometimes we go on holiday or go to the cinema for entirely the same reason – to get away from it all. With a bit of careful planning, your holiday in 2014 can combine relaxation with adventure and a brush with stardom in a location that has been immortalised in film. From a city break to a beach holiday, there’s a chance that the place you’re heading once caught the eye of a location scout.

Lots of holiday destinations have become wise the added appeal that an appearance on the big screen can have, with organised tours of locations that have become famous around the world.

Holiday Films

Canary Islands

Even the picture perfect beaches and the quaint old towns of the Canary Islands have been stars of the silver screen since 1896. Several classics have been shot here from Moby Dick to When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Contemporary films include Fast & Furious 6. The sun and sea make a perfect backdrop for your own holiday minus any drama.



Dozens of films have been shot on this Mediterranean island, with film makers drawn to Malta’s great year-round climate and stunning scenery including the fascinating old town of the capital, Valetta. The fact that English is widely spoken adds to the appeal and explains why scenes from Captain Phillips, World War Z, the Da Vinci Code, Troy and Gladiator were all shot there.



The ancient sites of Egypt have inspired artists for generations and film makers are no exception. Who can forget Roger Moore running around the pyramids in The Spy Who loved Me, or the all-star cast of Death on the Nile bringing Agatha Christie’s masterpiece to life? It would be almost impossible to holiday in Egypt without stumbling upon a scene that has been immortalised in film, from the temple at Karnak to the pyramids of the Giza valley.



George Lucas brought his film crew to Tunisia to film scenes from a new movie he was working on called Star Wars. With the exception of episode V, every other Star Wars film has featured scenes shot in Tunisia, beginning with those on Tatooine.

Incidentally, Tatooine is the name of a nearby village close to where some of the first scenes were shot. Lucas gave the name to Luke Skywalker’s home planet, familiar to fans of the film franchise ever since. Many holiday destinations offer tours of some of these locations.



Endless corners of the US have been featured in movies, and many have become meccas for film fans intent on making a pilgrimage. New York City itself is like a huge film set. The fire house on North Moore Street that starred in Ghostbusters is a regular stop off point for holidaymakers in New York and the building that features in the film’s climax is visible from Central Park. The opening scenes were shot in the New York Public Library itself a star of several films.

Down in Florida, the road linking the Florida keys will be familiar to Bond fans from the opening scenes of Licence to Kill. More recent Florida film forays include 2 Fast 2 Furious. Dozens of films were shot in Miami, including The Godfather Part II as well as The Birdcage and There’s Something About Mary on the city’s famous South Beach.

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