If you ever have a few hours to spare and find yourself flicking through the channels, it’s easy to get stuck on the music videos, and you can soon surrender a whole afternoon to MTV. Videos are all about escapism, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been filmed in locations across the globe – there’s nothing like dreaming of being on a beach with your favourite singer! Check out the best music videos that were shot on location:

Dancing Beach

Like a Virgin – Madonna.

If you’re a fan of the Queen of Pop then you’ll know that ‘Like a Virgin’, one of her greatest hits, was filmed on location in Venice. There’s lots of writhing around on gondolas, shots of the unmistakable Italian streets, oh, and a lion!

Wicked Games – Chris Isaak

Everyone remembers the ‘Wicked Games’ video, where Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen roll around together in moody black and white in the island paradise of Hawaii.

Never Tear Us Apart – INXS

Ironically, the lead singer of INXS used to date Helena Christensen, and while the video is also moody and black and white, that’s where the similarity ends. This video sees Michael Hutchence striding around the atmospheric areas of Prague looking tortured, while being followed by various members of an orchestra.

Loca – Shakira

Shakira looks great whichever country she shakes it in, but the ‘Loca’ video was particularly notorious as it involved her roller-skating about Barcelona in minimal clothing and dancing in her bikini on the beach! It mustn’t have been hard to stage the shots of the overexcited Spanish fans!

Find Your Love – Drake

Drake chose to film this video in Kingston, Jamaica and we can see why! There are plenty of lingering shots of beautiful beaches and dirty dance halls, as his chosen lady companion is loved and then lost to a local bad guy.

When You Were Young – Killers

The Killers shot this epic video in the paradise location of Mexico and it’s packed with ruined churches, white-washed walls and stunning shots from way up high on the mountainside. It’s not a particularly feel-good video, as it centers on infidelity and heartbreak, but if you just focus on the amazing Mexican scenery you’ll be fine!

I Wanna be Adored – Stone Roses

The premise for the iconic ‘I Wanna be Adored’ video is basically Ian Brown and the rest of the gang singing and dancing around on a beach in Lanzarote. While it’s not exactly groundbreaking, the music speaks for itself.

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