When you want a break from the beach, nothing beats lazing around on a sunlounger with a good novel. Here is a list of the last books we read on holiday – surprisingly, nobody chose Dan Brown or Harry Potter!


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‘The Big Sleep’ by Raymond Chandler. The quintessential detective novel featuring a cool private eye and a cunning femme fatale. I read this when I was on holiday in the USA so it seemed to come to life!

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‘Heavier Than Heaven: The Kurt Cobain Biography’ by Charles R. Cross. A deep, dark but insightful look into the highs and lows of the double life of Kurt Cobain – the inspiration for an entire generation.

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‘There Are No Children Here’ by Alex Kotlowitz. The childhood struggle of two boys growing up in Chicago’s most infamous housing projects.

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‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn. A psychological thriller that switches between two alternating viewpoints and shows how marriage can literally be a real killer!

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‘To kill a mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. A courageous, compassionate and at times funny novel, despite dealing with issues of violence and racial inequality – it’s a brilliant book!

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