From picturesque cities with amazing architecture, to breathtaking beaches and imposing mountain ranges – if you want variety on your holiday, then Italy is the destination for you. The food is unparalleled and the people are always welcoming, so wherever you go in Italy you’ll end up feeling at home. Popular spots like Lake Garda offer miles of lakes in between magnificent mountains with pine forests, and the Italian Alps boast snowy peaks ideal for skiing.


Then there’s Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and don’t forget Naples, Rome, Florence and Pisa with their historic sights and romantic atmospheres. However, if you get tired of all the sights on offer outdoors, you can easily lose yourself in the museums and galleries that can be found all over this magnificent country.

Portofino, Italy

Top Resorts / Hotels

Nestled in the Piedmont region, Gad is great if you want to ski, and there’s plenty of classic architecture to marvel at when you’re not on the slopes. Tucked away in the Italian Alps, it’s renowned for its romantic atmosphere and incredible views, and you’ll be as happy sampling the delicious local food here as you will skiing or snowboarding. Hotels like the Hotel Cristallo in Sestriere offer chic Italian comfort that’s just a stone’s throw away from the piste.

The Neapolitan Riviera, on the other hand, is all about eating, shopping and being seen. Set around the Bay of Naples, it’s one of the most breathtaking locations on the Mediterranean. There are endless blue seas set against mountains peppered with pine trees and authentic Italian buildings. The main resort of Sorrento offers incredible shopping and cuisine – all in one place. Stay somewhere sumptuous like the Lord Byron hotel with its own thermal pool, so you can relax when you’re not out on the town.

If you want a more relaxed break, then Lake Garda is a romantic destination in the north of Italy that’s blessed with sparkling waters and picturesque views. Situated in between Venice and Milan, it’s a great point to stop off at if you’re travelling around Italy. Chose accommodation like the Astoria Hotel, which is perfectly located to make the most of the local scenery, and also offers half board, which is perfect when you want to spend your days checking out the incredible surroundings.


Attractions & Things to Do

If you choose to stay by the lakes then marvelling at the scenery may be enough for you, but lots of people explore the shores on bicycles or even on horseback – a real favourite with kids and grown-ups. Lake Garda offers the ancient fortified town of Sirmione which is always worth a visit, the 13th century Scaliger Castle and ruined Roman spa named the Grotte di Catullo after the famous Roman Poet, Catullus.
For the little ones there’s Gardaland, one of the most famous theme parks in Italy. If you’re staying on the Neapolitan Riviera then the main focus of your trip will probably be shopping, feasting and basking on the beach. However, if you’re feeling adventurous then take a short trip to Amalfi, a favourite holiday destination of the Italians and one of the most chic destinations on the planet. If you find yourself in the Italian Alps there’s only one choice though, as much as you can look at the quaint buildings, eat and mix with the friendly locals, the only thing you should really be doing while you’re there is skiing!


More Italy information:

• The average flight time is approximately two hours depending on where you fly from and to.
• The currency is the Euro
• The language is Italian
• Because of the geography, it’s important to bear in mind that the weather in Italy varies considerably from north to south. If you want consistently warm weather April to June is a pretty safe bet.

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