Jamaica is one of the most beautiful and celebrated islands in the Caribbean, but one thing visitors need to experience is the stunning sunrises and sunsets that fall upon this utopian paradise.

Of course you can watch the sun set and rise wherever you are, but Jamaica has a few gems that make this an experience beyond compare.

We’ve listed our 6 favourite places to visit, either during the day or night, to witness this everyday occurrence in a way you never knew possible.

Seven Mile Beach


Situated in Negril, Seven Mile Beach is one of Jamaica’s most famous and popular beaches; it’s easy to see why with clear turquoise waters, soft white sands and swaying palms. But with the beach populated during the day by travellers and locals, the night time is when you should visit. With empty skies and the sun setting across the most clear of waters, bask in the yellow and orange hue that reflects across the otherwise white sand. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a Hollywood film, as nature and romance collide to create pure beauty.

Treasure Beach



Treasure Beach is one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets. Situated off the beaten path, you’ll find this sleepy beachside village on the island’s south side, a two hour drive from Kingston and Montego Bay airports. With no resorts to speak off, this place is almost untouched by tourism making it the perfect place to lounge on the soft sand, before swimming in the clear waters. For a truly unique experience, visit before day breaks and watch the sun come up in peaceful serenity; take a look around at your tropical seclusion, chances are there’ll be no one for miles.

Rockhouse Restaurant

Rockhouse Hotel

When it comes to eating out in Jamaica, one place always pops up; Rick’s Café. This is notably due to the fabulous sunset you can watch across the waters whilst dining at night. However for an experience similar to this, with a much more romantic twist head to the Rockhouse Restaurant in Negril. Here you can sit on a Cliffside terrace surrounded by swaying palm trees and tiki torches, as you watch the sun set whilst dining on the most delicious local cuisines.

Blue Mountain Peak



Watching the sun come up is a beautiful experience in itself, but watching it come up from the peak of Blue Mountain is something else. The peak reaches 7,402 metre’s high, and the 14-mile Peak trail takes around 7 hours. If you head off early, you can experience a night time adventure up the mountain, before catching sights of the most spectacular views as the sun comes up. You’ll be mesmerised as you sit at the top of Jamaica, with the orange and yellows of the sun breaking through the mist-laden mountain. On a clear day you’ll be able to see Buff Bay and Port Antonio’s Navy Island to the North, and to the South you can catch glimpses of Portmore and St Thomas’ Coast – you may even spot a distant Cuba if you’re lucky.



If you want to see the sun set with a twist, head to Negril and jump on a sunset catamaran cruise. Watching the sun set on the beach may have its charm; but watching the sun’s bright glow descend into the clear ocean waters is a whole different experience when you’re in the middle of it. You can either remain on the boat and watch, or immerse yourself in the waters for a spot of late night snorkelling with the array on sea creatures, before the sun sets.

Frenchman’s Cove


If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic spot in Jamaica, then look to further than the secluded beauty of Frenchman’s Cove. Located near Port Antonio on the remote east side of the island, the area remains practically unspoilt, receiving minimal tourists as there’s only a few small establishments, buried in the jungle nearby. With a stunning small stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters shrouded by lush green trees, this place is perfect during the day and night; you may not witness the perfect sunrise or sunset, but you can watch the stars above in the unspoilt night sky.


Treasure Beach Jamaica

Rockhouse Hotel Restaurant

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