A great holiday is all about relaxing, unwinding and creating memories that you’ll treasure for years to come. However, holidays to the Mediterranean can also provide an eye-opening voyage into a completely different kind of past – a time of myths, legends, breathtaking temples and blood-curdling events in packed arenas!

Discover the ancient historical delights of Greece and Cyprus and get some inspiration for your next all inclusive holiday destination of choice.



Greece is known as the ‘cradle of civilisation’ and has an abundance of incredible sites to visit:


Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis is home to four of the greatest Greek monuments: The Propylaea, The Parthenon, The Erecchtheum and the Temple of Sthena Nike. The buildings date back over 2500 years and have great historical and architectural significance for Greece. If you could only visit one place to take in the magic of this country, this would be it.


Archaeological Site of Delphi

Another world heritage site, Delphi was where the Oracle of the great god Apollo spoke and this sanctuary was at the centre of Greek religious life. It really is a wonder to see.



It’s amazing that 9th century monks managed to climb these ‘columns of the sky’, let alone build monasteries on top of them! The cliff-top architecture really is a testament to human endeavour.


Rhodes Island

This beautiful island is surrounded by white sand and turquoise blue waters. Many historic sites are dotted around the evergreen hills including The Temple of Apollo and The Acropolis of Rhodes. Plus, if you finally get bored of all the sight-seeing, Rhodes is known for its huge range of buzzing bars, restaurants and shops.



Cyprus spends too much time in the shadow of Greece and has plenty of magnificent landmarks of its own. Over the centuries, Cyprus has been inhabited by the Romans, Ottomans, Persians, Hittites, Assyrians and of course the Greeks – so there are lots of well-preserved sites including Roman ruins, medieval castles and Neolithic villages.

Kolossi Castle is a must-see for anyone visiting the Limassol area. It used to be a seat of power for the famous Knights Templar. Just west of Limassol, there’s a huge amphitheatre in the ruins of Kourion. It’s from the 2nd century BC and has lovely views over Episkopi Bay. Ayia Napa is much more than a haven for clubbers, the famous sea caves there are also definitely worth a visit.

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