From sunshine to souks and beaches to Bedouin life, a holiday in Morocco offers a taste of the exotic.

The short flight times mean you’ll be in Morocco in just 3-4 hours after take-off from the UK – but where should you go to experience the best the country has to offer?

We’ve put together some ideas…

Best for shopping


Colour, chaos and energy will engulf you when you enter the souks of Marrakech.

The bamboo covered stalls found on the labyrinth streets sell a multitude of exotic items, from spices, bags and jewellery to blankets, rugs and embellished clothing.

Just immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the souks is an experience in itself. Expect to see everything from snake charmers and palm readers to monkeys and chickens. Above all, make sure you get your bartering skills up to scratch before you buy anything.

The main square, Djeema-El-Fnaa is the best place to start your exploration, and once you enter the streets it is very easy to get lost. Keep your wits about you – or you may have to pay a local to help you find your way out.

Best for…exploration


Paradise Valley is well deserving of its name. A popular day trip for those staying in the resort of Agadir, here you will find natural plunge pools, slides and waterfalls cascading over red rocks and surrounded by foliage.

You can take walking trails around the stunning valley and indulge in the beautiful surroundings. Just remember to pack your camera.

Best for…families


Agadir is one of Morocco’s top beach resorts offering long sandy stretches, clear clean waters and a big dollop of sunshine.

Ideal for those looking for a holiday resort where everything is on hand, Agadir has a lovely promenade where you’ll find stands crammed with fresh seafood, bars, restaurants and eateries.

Agadir is also great for watersports, with the Atlantic breeze making it a particular favourite with kite and wind-surfing.

Best for…food


Rather than looking to restaurants for the best food in Morocco, it’s traditional street stalls in the souks where you will find incredibly tasty dishes.

Fez is unofficially known as the culinary capital of Morocco. If you’re feeling adventurous you can sample specialities like steamed lambs head, or if you’d prefer something a little more ‘gentle’, mint tea and tagines are available everywhere.

Souk tasting trails are also available in Fez which gives you access to all the best and most authentic food stalls, down the winding and hidden streets of the medina.

Best for…adventure


Head to the desert town of Merzouga which lies close to the enormous sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Get in touch with your inner explorer by arranging a camel trek into the vast and magical desert, where you can see first-hand traditional Bedouin life. This experience is certainly an unforgettable one which should be at the top of your to-do list when visiting Morocco.

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