Lapped by the Mediterranean sea and with a warm climate that lends itself to agriculture, Greece is home to some of the finest ingredients in the world. In fact the Greek cuisine is one of the many things that make this sunny destination a firm family holiday favourite. Make sure you sample all the country has to offer with our pick of the top five things to eat in Greece.

Greek Salad

Referred to locally as horiatiki, a Greek or ‘village’ salad is a diet staple in Greece and is served with pretty much everything. The dish typically contains tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, olives, olive oil and Feta cheese, garnished with a sprinkling of oregano. And, unlike most British salads however, there is not a lettuce leaf in sight!


This classic, made with either eggplant and/or potato is one of Greece’s most popular exports and variations can be found throughout the Med. The iconic Greek-baked version is based on layering sautéed aubergine, minced meat fried puréed tomato, onion, garlic and spices like cinnamon and allspice, a bit of potato, and then a final fluffy topping of cheese and béchamel sauce.


Forget McDonalds, this is the Greek’s version of fast food. Souvlaki consists of small pieces of meat – usually pork but sometimes chicken or lamb – and vegetables grilled on a skewer and then seasoned with a variety of spices – a bit like a kebab.


A mainstay of any Greek meal, this classic dip is made from Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic. Dip flat breads into it mezze-style, serve as an accompaniment to souvlaki or to cool down spicy dishes.


If you have a sweet tooth then Greece is the place to be as the Greeks love their sweets, which are usually based on olive oil and honey combinations, with flaky filo pastry. For example, the classic baklava involves layering honey, filo and ground nuts. Or try Loukoumades – battered balls filled with honey.

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