One of the highlights of a holiday to Spain has to be the chance to sample all the amazing local fare and thankfully there are different delicacies to feast on wherever you head. While there are plenty of weird and wonderful dishes that are unique to specific regions, some Spanish staples are more widely available so here is our list of the top five foods that you should try when you’re in Spain:



This tasty treat is a favourite tapas snack that promises to please even the fussiest of eaters as it usually consists mainly of potato, cheese and ham, cod or chicken. This is all rolled up into a sausage shape then coated in breadcrumbs and fried! It can be found all over Spain and is the ideal thing to order if you’re away with kids or picky eaters.


It might as well be a national dish in our eyes, though Spaniards would argue it’s a regional speciality of Valencia. Regardless, a plate of paella and a glass of sangria are synonymous with our idea of a good holiday to Spain. The recipe varies but the main components are rice, stock and seafood, though meat versions are available for those who don’t fancy a fishy treat.

BBQ sardines

If you’re on a beach, especially if you find yourself on the Costa del Sol, the chances are you’ll come across the curious sight of a small wooden boat filled with sand and with a fire burning on top of it. Don’t run for the fire extinguishers though, these are beach barbeques and are used to cook fresh sardines stuck on skewers – from sea to plate in only a few hours!

Berenjenas fritas con miel

Fried aubergine fritters are a particular delicacy in Malaga and Granada. That might not sound that unusual but it’s their odd accompaniment that might raise some eyebrows – it’s usually served drizzled with honey or molasses! As strange as it sounds the end result is actually bizarrely brilliant so do ask around, it’s a bit difficult to track down but definitely worth the effort.


After all that savoury stuff you’ll need something sweet to perk you up and churros and hot chocolate are just the ticket! Traditionally eaten as a breakfast food, it’s a Spanish doughnut of sorts that’s made from deep-fried pastry piped into tubes or knots that are a perfect shape for dipping into the thick hot chocolate (or occasionally white coffee) that’s served alongside them.

So when you find yourself on your next trip to Spain make sure you take the time to track down at least one of these tasty treats that are certain to tickle your taste buds!

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