A few weeks ago we asked you, our Facebook jury, to tell us about the worst holiday fashion disasters that you’ve succumbed to over the years – like the classic of wearing socks and sandals.

I once put lemon juice on my hair, to give myself some “cheap highlights”, despite it being the 1980’s there really was no excuse, a style crime had been committed. So as a result, we felt that it was necessary to put together some tips to help you all stay hot on the beach because you look good; and not just because of the sweltering temperatures.

Fit For The Beach

Using our swimwear to make the best of what we’ve got is a great beachwear tactic. Even on trips where the temperatures get nice and high, such as on a Turkey break or on your Mexico holidays, it doesn’t mean we should wear the least amount of swimwear as possible – so-called budgie smugglers should always be worn with caution!

Swimwear 365 Online Shape CalcultorIf you’ve been enjoying a lot of indulgence on your holidays then remember that Speedos suit toned bods. Think about steering clear if you’ve been overdoing the all-inclusive buffet and take some trusty Bermuda shorts with you instead. Women will have a massive choice of swimwear designs and cuts to choose from in 2013, so it should be easy to dress for your shape. A tankini is great for the fuller figure, while all-in-ones and bandeau bikinis can give great support. Slim types can opt for many different cuts, from string-bikinis to strapless. For extra help check out the Swimwear 365 website, they have a handy online shape calculator to help you pick your perfect look.


Right Place and Time

If you’re careering down a chute in a water park, or holding on tight to a banana boat on the sea, you want the most secure type of swimwear so you can get back on dry land with the same number of clothes you left with and without a red face. For activities get structured supportive swimming costumes and shorts with securable waists, like board shorts. Secure swimwear doesn’t mean boring though. Next year’s designs are varied, with floral and metallic prints available for men and women.

If you’re heading off on a beach trip where you could visit religious places, like a Hindu temple on a Goa holiday, then bring a sarong, sun dress or t-shirt to cover up with. One of our Facebookers revealed how she still squirms in embarrassment after a visit to a Greek Orthodox Chapel in her micro-bikini circa the 1980s.


Beach Ready Accessories

Nearly all next-year’s fashions have been given the bold, animal-print look, with a bit of retro thrown in. This applies to sandals, cat’s eye sunglasses, tortoiseshell glasses for guys and feather earrings for girls.

In order to be rated ‘hot’ rather than ‘not’ it’s a good idea to think about the beach holiday you’re going on. Ibiza holidays and Malia breaks are party haven hotspots, and you could be on the beach at 11am and still be there at 5am the next day. Hitting the beach to party means women best take their feather earrings, (to match snake-skin sandals and bold-printed maxi dresses). Next season’s tailored shorts for men can give a bit of a dressed up feel for the guys, with statement t-shirts and leather jackets giving some insulation as the sun sinks beyond the horizon.

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