Our Facebook group “likes” their islands breaks, with lots of people saying they’d prefer to be washed up on island beaches if they were to suffer the misfortune of being shipwrecked.

The good news though is you don’t have to be washed ashore to get yourself some sun over the next few months or even if you are already thinking of next summers break. Rather than banking on a disaster it’s much easier to look for good holiday deals online, and not quite as drastic. So where to start the search? Is an island holiday what you’d prefer or maybe you’re more of a city slicker? Whatever your preference here is our sun-soaked break guide to give you a helping hand in deciding.


Island Wash Up

From the Maldives, to the Seychelles to those closer to home, like Cyprus and Gran Canaria, our Facebookers are keen on an island beach. Lots of other stunning coastlines nearly made the grade, but beach breaks like these are proving to be the most popular, and it’s quite easy to see why you all like them so much.

Many of the Brits’ favourite island holiday spots get year-round sun, like the Canaries, making it ideal for a winter holiday. For those people already looking ahead to 2013, Ibiza holiday deals promise aroun
d-the-clock clubbing for night owls, while a range of shops, restaurants and hotels are close-by to the beach, so you can while away the day in quieter comfort enjoying the summer rays. Cyprus’s Nissi beach is another favourite island idyll to get shipwrecked on, and why not with its 500m of sand; that’s probably enough to get most people looking for a Cyprus holiday for 2013. Just think next year, you could be getting out in the sun and enjoying the green landscape, trying all the varied local food and going for a paddle; with a bit more company than Tom Hanks had when he was castaway on an island. He had just a volleyball called Wilson for company.


Hot in the City

Beach in the city of Suss, TunisiaIf you can’t wait for next year, city beach holidays might be just what you need over the winter – you can have the pick of entertainments that don’t rely on tourist footfall as much as island escapes. But you can also throw in your swimming gear and head to the beach when you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle. The most famous city beaches are Sydney and Rio but a little closer and a lot cheaper than Rio, but just as exotic, is Tunisia, with its capital Tunis lying right by the coast. This busy city has everything just mentioned and is well-versed in what tourists want, so you can get a trip with all the holiday trimmings via Tunisia holiday deals.

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