Before you know it summer 2015 will be here and you’ll have wished you booked your holiday well in advance. There are many reasons to leave your holiday planning late, but there are many more that say you should book early. We have complied five of the top reasons to book your next holiday early with us. These benefits will hopefully save you a lot of money, stress and will help you get excited for your next holiday.

Great deals

  • The earlier you book the more likely it is you’ll find an amazing deal.
  • Early birds may be able to get free or cheap child places, whereas late bookers could pay close to adult prices.
  • You could save money on holiday extras, such as choosing your seats, in-flight meals and a luggage upgrade.
  • You can pick and choose when you want to book and wait for different deals that will suit you.
  • Booking early means you can choose the right destination you want to visit and get the best deal out there.

Time to budget

  • Booking early means that you are able to put a deposit down on your holiday and budget each month to pay a small amount off, instead of having to fork out for a family holiday all at once.
  • You also have time to research what you want to do on holiday whilst saving enough money to do everything.
  • Spreading the cost will make it easier in the long run as you will be able to save without having to miss out on fun filled excursions or eating at local restaurants.

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More Choice 

  • Looking through brochures and countless websites months or even a year in advance will undoubtedly give you more choice.
  • Book before the hotels are all full and the planes are filled to capacity.
  • Give yourself more time to book and you will be rewarded, with the world at your feet.


Time to plan and prepare

  • Preparation is key to a smooth holiday and once you’ve booked you can start to prepare what you need- luggage, passports, foreign exchange and sun cream.
  • Give yourself time to think everything through- did I book the taxi to the airport? Will it be cheaper to check-In online?
  • With more time to plan you can make sure you’ve covered everything with a fine tooth comb.

Something to look forward to

Finally, book early and start to get excited for your next holiday, get a countdown app on your phone and tablet and make sure that your colleagues never forget when your next holiday is. The build up to a holiday is half of the fun, and if you book late you may never get that happy feeling as you’ll be rushing around with no time to sit back and think how excited you actually are.


Pick your favourite of the bunch, and look forward to your next trip with Direct Holidays.

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