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2014 is almost over and its only 367 days until Christmas 2015, best get planning, I have. Part of my planning for 2015 is researching somewhere to jet off for a little winter sun. Somewhere new that isn’t usually considered and somewhere a little different, after all a full year of planning I think I deserve a break in the bleakest season of the year. After a lot of late nights looking at beaches and hotels I have been able to narrow my choices down to a final three but I still can’t decide, which would you choose?




Not usually considered as a package holiday destination, Goa is surprisingly beautiful and developed. India’s smallest state has a selection of beautiful 4 and 5 star luxury hotels that we as Brits are used to. Many of the hotels are in beach front locations and offer unprecedented service, ensuring that you will be waited on hand and foot for the duration of your stay. Not to mention the scenery; stunning mountains, waterfalls and coastline coupled with a tropical climate.


If you want to soak up some of the immense culture on offer in India then you are spoilt for choice as Goa is well known for the two world heritage sites, the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Old Goa convent and church. There is a lot to see and do in Goa, more than I ever thought and for that reason Goa is a good option for Christmas in the sun.



Antigua’s name is derived from the word ‘ancient’ in Spanish; this Caribbean paradise certainly has a lot to offer. Part of the string of islands that make up the Caribbean, Antigua is a good option and is slightly different to the usual Caribbean destinations of Jamaica and Cuba. The island is internationally famous for its sailing competitions that draw in world-class regattas from all over the world at the end of April. The sea is a huge draw for people to this tiny island with beautiful turquoise waters, elegant tropical fish around the expansive coral reefs and stretches of white sandy beaches. Fancy an excursion off the island? Then why not visit the enchanting island of Barbuda, and explore one of the region’s most significant bird sanctuaries.


Many of the hotels line the beaches of Antigua and are situated in beautifully sculpted gardens. A holiday to this destination will surely allow you to unwind without having to lift a finger for a whole week, or more. Would Antigua be your destination of choice?

Dominican Republic



The Dominican Republic is part of only two islands in the Caribbean that is occupied by two countries. The Dominican Republic has the lion share of the island whilst Haiti, occupying the west side of the island has only three-eighths of the island.

Well known for its shallow waters and golden sands, visitors can take to the waves and learn the art of kite surfing, or take a trip out to sea whale watching. If you prefer to keep your feet on firm ground why not visit the tranquil Jarabacoa waterfalls, take to horse back or walk at your own pace. In the evenings why not dine in the capital city of Santa Domingo or a nearby town or city and be immersed in local traditions and cuisine, it will be the icing on your holiday.


All these experiences are possible if you pay a visit to this immensely diverse country. Where the hotels are designed specifically for relaxing, and all of the attractions and activities are thoughtfully presented to ensure you make the most for your time on this island paradise.


After hearing all of my choices for Christmas 2015 which do you think would be the best choice for my winter sun?

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