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Holidays to Paphos

Paphos is a popular holiday destination in Cyprus, located off the south coast of Turkey. It's a historical gem of a destination, with ancient landmarks and an intriguing history just waiting for you to discover. Often believed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, it's no wonder the area is much admired, with the town making its way onto the list of cultural and natural World Heritage treasures. While Paphos has more than enough going on to keep you occupied, other areas of Cyprus are well-worth an excursion - including Nicosia, the island's capital and the only city in the world that remains divided - between Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus. The sub-tropical climate in Cyprus means that Paphos boasts magnificent sunshine for the majority of the year, so that whenever you decide to travel to the resort, Paphos holidays will never be a disappointment. Book your break with Direct Holidays for a mix of culture and relaxation in the sunshine.

Places to Go

Tomb of the Kings. A testament to 4th century architecture, the Tomb of the Kings is a must-see, regardless of whether you're a history buff or not. Grand pillars and columns adorn the tombs that combine to create a huge necropolis, parts of which are still being discovered today. Rich in culture and historical sites, a holiday in Paphos has plenty to keep all ages entertained, whatever your holiday needs. Aphrodite's Rock Also known as Petra tou Romiou, this beautiful sea stack is exactly how nature intended it to be. Considered to be Aphrodite's birthplace, the landmark draws tourists from all over the world to capture perfect photo opportunities. Those swimming around the rock are said to be granted eternal beauty, so don't forget your bathers! Ktima As the main residential district of Kato Pafos - the lower part of Paphos town - Ktima has an abundance of restaurants and entertainment venues that will leave your tastebuds and your eardrums tingling. Leave the beach bars behind and try some authentic Cypriot cuisine in a traditional taverna instead.

Things to Do

Explore the Underground Catacombs The Agia Solomoni Catacombs can be found in Kato Paphos, the entrance to which is guarded by a large pistachio tree adorned with pieces of cloth that have been tied to it as symbols of faith. Carved out of the hill during the 4th century, the catacombs are adorned with frescoes left by crusaders ' take a torch to appreciate them in their full glory. Cross the Green Line Learn more about the island's history, including the conflict between Turkey and Greece which led to the eventual division of the island into north and south territories. Nicosia is the only city in the world that remains divided - take a walking tour through the UN buffer zone before crossing the line that splits the city in two. Splash Around at Fasouri Waterpark No summer holiday would be complete without a trip to a waterpark and, with Paphos holidays, it's no different. When you've had your fill of history and culture, why not join an excursion to Fasouri Waterpark in Limassol? You'll come face to face with chutes and flumes that will leave you breathless, including the aptly named Kamikaze which boasts an almost vertical drop that will see you plummet at breakneck speeds ' definitely one for the daredevils!

Top Holiday Resorts

Paphos Split into two parts that fuse effortlessly, Paphos has something for every holidaymaker. From the vibrant nightlife and restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, to the winding streets of the old town, there's a lot to be said for this historical holiday destination. Those with an interest in the ancient world and Greek mythology will be in their element on holidays to Paphos, and the stunning natural surroundings make it a great base for active breaks. Kouklia Spend some time in this quaint district of Paphos and you will see beauty wherever you look. Explore the ancient mythology of the area, supposedly the birthplace of Aphrodite, including a visit to the Palaepaphos Sanctuary of Aphrodite. This beautiful attraction holds thousands of mosaics and ruins that date back thousands of years, as well as a truly stunning botanical garden that makes you wonder whether Aphrodite still has a hold over this breathtaking region. Discover the history and beauty of Cyprus with affordable Paphos package holidays from Direct Holidays.

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