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Whether it's delicious food and wine that draws you towards your chosen holiday or it's the concept of watersports and a bustling nightlife, Trianda holidays are bound to have something for you. Located on the northern coast of the historic island of Rhodes, one of the many islands of Greece, Trianda is within easy reach of the lively Rhodes Town and offers a delightful base for a beach break.
Equipped with strong winds, Trianda is a haven for windsurfers and kitesurfers, who utilise the gusts to ride the crests with ease. Trianda is also a perfect mecca for families who are travelling with teenagers who want to be a part of the cool surf scene - the long pebble and shingle shore is always buzzing with activity.
Check out the village itself for some bijou souvenir shops and snack shacks. Oozing strong traditional Greek vibes, the village offers a completely different experience to the beachfront. Olive groves and citrus orchards provide quaint morning walks so that you can fill your senses with the fresh aromas of rural life.
Over the years, Trianda has grown into an idyllic holiday resort and while it's still fairly small scale in comparison to some of Rhodes offerings, it is a haven for holidaymakers looking for a perfect piece of the island sunshine.

Places to Go

Ten minutes on the bus will get you to Ixia, where there's a perfect sandy beach for you to chill out on. If you need a dose of soft sands on your beach holiday, this is the place to be.
Rhodes Town
Hop on a bus and within ten minutes you'll be in Rhodes town, the UNESCO listed world heritage site that's also the island's capital city. The medieval old town is a must, full of 200 nameless streets and an abundance of tavernas in which to relax and take the weight off your feet. It's home to some superb shopping opportunities too, although it's the cultural spots that are really worth visiting. The castles and walls that date back to the Knights of St. John are a must, while the Palace of the Grand Master and the archaeological museum are also highly recommended.
Why settle for a break confined to Rhodes when you can see an entirely different country at the same time? Sail from Rhodes to Marmaris and you'll be in the heart of a vibrant, Turkish resort. Explore the streets, sample some authentic Turkish meze or get your haggle hat on in the Grand Bazaar. It's an incredibly vibrant resort and one that shouldn't be missed, even if you do begin your holiday in a completely different country.

Things to Do

Windsurf on the Beach
As a Mecca for windsurfers, Trianda offers top notch conditions for you to ride the crests of the waves. Give it a go and be a part of this thriving scene or simply sit back and spectate as others do the hard work.
Explore the Valley of the Butterflies
If you're staying in Trianda within the months of June and September, head a little inland to the Valley of the Butterflies, also know as Petaloudes. Here, you can enjoy a leisurely hike through this scenic gorge, spotting the rare Kalimorfa butterfly as you go.
Splash Out at the Waterpark
Head to Faliraki for the day and enjoy the thrills and spills of its vibrant waterpark. It's huge, with slides, chutes and flumes to suit every taste. Don't forget the lazy river and the copious amounts of sunloungers either if you prefer to keep things calm.

Top Holiday Resorts

This perfectly formed touristy resort may have all the makings of a vibrant resort but it still has an authentic Greek charm. Particularly popular with watersports enthusiasts, it's also a popular haven for holidaymakers hoping to find relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the more vibrant resorts.
Perfect if you're looking for somewhere a little bit more vibrant, Faliraki doesn't tone it down by any notches at all after nightfall. In fact, it cranks the action up a few notches as evening arrives, with the resort constantly being full of liveliness and fun - ideal for groups and couples looking for a good time in the sunshine!
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