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As part of the Bourgas region of Bulgaria, Duni is a relatively new resort. While the popular European hotspots were revelling in the glory of tourism back in the 60s and 70s, Bulgaria wasn¿t really introduced as a holiday destination until the 1990s. However, this Balkan country has since proven that it¿s definitely got what it takes to be a successful, tourist-friendly option for a summer break. The resort of Duni will appeal to those looking for plenty of natural attractions to explore, while the affordability of the resort is certainly a huge draw. It doesn¿t pile on the costs like some of the well-established holiday hotspots do, and while it may be increasing in popularity of late, it¿s still not been spoilt by tourism. As a modern and purpose-built resort, Duni offers a perfect spot for families to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. The exceptionally clean and shallow waters are a haven for children who love nothing more than to play, splash and paddle, while the beaches that fringe the Black Sea are sweeping, smooth and world-class. Oozing stress-free qualities, Duni is a quiet resort that is as laidback as they come. However, there¿s plenty to see if you don¿t want to sit around all day, every day, because a holiday to Duni can be exactly what you want it to be.

Places to go

The Nature Reserves
There are several nature reserve scattered around the area, including nearby Stomoplo and Madren Lake - all of which are perfect for birdwatchers and those wishing to get a little closer to nature. Take some time out and venture away from the beaches for a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of these stunning reserves. Otmanli Park
This park lies parallel with the Black Sea and is a mixture of beach and forest that would be perfect for cyclists and walkers hoping to make the most of the fresh air while stretching their legs and appreciating the beautiful surroundings. Bourgas
The city of Bourgas is covered in museums, nature parks and galleries for you to stroll around in. It also has some superb shopping opportunities while also giving insight into traditional Bulgarian life which is a fabulous addition to any cultural break.

Things to do

Watersports on Duni Beach
With professional tuition available if needed, thrillseekers can enjoy trying their hand at watersports during their holiday in Duni. The area of breakwater found at the north ensures perfect conditions for watersports of all shapes and sizes. Windsurfing and sailing are particularly popular - while more advanced enthusiasts can choose to venture a little further away from the coast to try out the more challenging conditions. Boat Trips along the Ropotamo River
Take a trip along the river and see the sights of the Ropotamo natural reserve. Take the time to spot the local wildlife, capture the beauty of the natural surroundings on film and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery as you sail along the river. Dodge the Snakes on St. Thomas Island
More aptly known as Snake Island, this uninhabited sandy island has a huge snake population as well as a great selection of cacti that were introduced in the 1930s. If you¿re a lover of these wriggly creatures, head for the island for a chance to spot them in their natural habitat, rather than the vivariums you may be used to.

Top holiday resorts

Home to a fabulous stretch of beach perfect for families, Duni is the place to be if you want to sit back, relax and unwind. With natural beauty spots on your doorstep, adventure isn¿t far away either - if you can peel yourself away from your sun lounger of course! Sunny Beach
With clean sandy beaches, calm seas and everything you could ask for to create a perfect beach break - Sunny Beach is the largest and most popular of Bulgaria¿s Black Sea resorts. With an abundance of entertainment around the clock, there¿s always something going on to keep you amused. Head for the laidback, uncrowded shores of Bulgaria with affordable package holidays to Duni from Direct Holidays and you will be able to appreciate the relaxation and charm of a Balkan break in no time.