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As part of the Jardines del Ray, just north of the Cuba mainland, you can imagine just how much of a paradise island Cayo Santa Maria really is. The island, combined with others in The Cayos, is a remote and beautiful magnet for the visitors to the area who know of their existence. Cayo Saint Maria is considered to be one of Cuba's best kept secrets. In fact, most of The Cayos are hidden gems, with many visitors to this Caribbean island not even realising they're there. From the white sands that glisten in the sunlight to the waters that are as blue as the sky, Cayo Santa Maria is an idyllic spot for a truly relaxing break. Head inland for a chance to appreciate its UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, or just stay close to the beaches to relax on pristine sands. Whatever you choose to add to your Cayo Santa Maria holiday itinerary, once you unwind in this untouched utopia, you won't want to leave.

Places to Go

Cayos las Brujas and Cayos Ensenachos These two fellow Cayos are linked to Cayo Santa Maria via causeway and would be perfect spots to explore during a day away from your resort. Hire a scooter to explore the islands - the rustic Cuban villages that they both hold are a great way to peek into traditional Cuban life, while the beaches that both of these tiny islands boast are simply breathtaking. San Miguel de los Banos As the most famous, and oldest, spa in Cuba, a trip to San Miguel de los Banos is a must if you wish to truly let go of any stresses you may have brought on holiday with you. The mineral waters are said to be therapeutic, while the mud exfoliates your skin leaving you feeling as soft as a newborn baby. Head to the spa at the start of your holiday and you can enjoy a better, longer lasting tan. Havana Combine your stay in Cayos Santa Maria with an overnight trip to Havana for a culturally inspiring holiday that not only gives you the chance to appreciate the beaches, but the incredible cityscape too. With an energetic vibe and lingering hints of the revolution - including iconic images of Che Guevara - a visit to this phenomenal city is a must if you'd like to delve a little deeper into Cuban history.

Things to Do

Dive and Explore Beneath the Surface With over 98ft visibility and warm waters that you can step into with ease, diving is incredibly popular around The Cayos. Perfect for every capability - from beginners through to experts - there are plenty of opportunities available including tuition, if necessary. Be amazed at the coral, spot the marine life as it intertwines, and grab some snaps with an underwater camera to treasure the experience forever. Explore Nature Inland Cayo Santa Maria's inland is a UNESCO site for a reason. The natural beauty that awaits inland is beyond comprehension, and if you're a lover of nature, you shouldn't miss it. The low-lying forests of the inland areas are full of wildlife waiting to be spotted, while providing some incredible sights and opportunities for adventure at the same time.

Top Holiday Resorts

Cayo Santa Maria As one of the youngest resorts in The Cayos - hotels in Cayo Santa Maria only opened in 2010 -everything here is shiny and new. However, what it lacks in age and experience, it certainly makes up for in beauty. From the lush forests inland to the white sands and crystal clear waters, holidays in Cayo Santa Maria are sure to be nothing short of incredible. Cayo Coco One of Cayo Santa Maria's larger island neighbours, Cayo Coco is blessed with some of the most gorgeous beaches you will ever see. The snorkelling and diving opportunities are fantastic, with outstanding clarity and visibility, while the birdlife, including thousands of flamingos, is a real treat for any bird lovers visiting the island. If you're looking for a piece of paradise that you can call your own, Cayo Santa Maria package holidays from Direct Holidays would be an idyllic choice this year.

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