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If you haven't heard of Ayia Napa, you haven't been partying hard enough! Widely considered to be the nightlife capital of Cyprus, Ayia Napa also sits on a prime beach location on the north-east peninsula of the country. Once a family-friendly hotspot, Ayia Napa has evolved into a hardcore dance party paradise, rivaling the likes of Ibiza, Malia and Corfu. It might have the reputation for buzzing clubs but there is more to Ayia Napa than just bars and booze ' the beaches are equally spectacular, with a variety of water sports to help take your mind off the hangovers! Seasoned clubbers will also want to get down to the water for the steamy summer beach parties, including the legendary Kandi Beach Party on every Friday. However, that's not to say that the under 18s can't have some fun! The beaches boast endless sandy shores and the water sports are plentiful and good fun. Just keep in mind that there might be a few late stragglers coming down for an early morning swim!

Places to Go

The Square This main strip is your one-stop spot when it comes to Ayia Napa's pubs, bars and clubs. You'll see everything here ' impromptu street karaoke, promoters offering free tickets and drinks, people making friends with complete strangers, and party animals from all over the world. Club Black N White, Castle Club Ice, Aqua and Blue Moon are just a few places you need to check out. Things start to pick up late at night with after parties going until sunrise. Cape Greco Do you believe in monsters? Cape Greco is supposedly the home of the Ayia Napa Sea Monster, some sort of a cross between a crocodile and serpent. Day-trips are available and while there's no guarantee that you'll actually see anything, the nature park and surrounding cliffs provide a great lookout over the Cypriot coast. And don't worry, according to the few fisherman who have apparently spotted the creature, he's fairly harmless and has been nicknamed 'the friendly monster'.

Things to Do

Hit the beach The beaches in Ayia Napa are world-class, and have all been awarded the EU blue flag for cleanliness and facilities. There are several long sandy stretches along the coast, all offering a variety of water sports from water-skiing and windsurfing to speed boating and scuba diving. Nissi Beach is the most famous, largely thanks to the beautiful people that flock here to swim, sunbathe and party on the powdery white sands. Families should head to Sandy Bay, a smaller sheltered beach that's decidedly less crowded and more suitable for children. Visit the Monastery Take time out from all the partying and get in touch with your spiritual side instead. The Ayia Napa Monastery is the most famous landmark of the city and is worlds away from the busy town square. Dating back to around 1500, it's a picturesque reminder of Ayia Napa's roots as a sleepy fishing village and makes for a nice cultural change from the bustling beaches. Get wet at Waterworld The Ayia Napa Waterworld Waterpark is the biggest waterpark in Europe, winning 25 International awards of excellence for marketing and innovation. Kids of all ages will have fun slipping and sliding around this Greek-themed world that boasts stomach-churning rides such as 'Drop to Atlantis' and 'The Fall of Icarus'. There's also a special children's pool for the little ones as well as a fish spa, restaurants and go-karts if you're feeling a bit waterlogged.

Top Holiday Resorts

For the time of your life, book a stay at the award-winning Napa Plaza Hotel, a stunning 4-star resort inspired by the 14th century Ayia Napa Monastery which is also located just next door. However, don't let that fool you ' this hotel is where things get wild! A swimming pool, sun terrace and pool bar will get you warmed up before moving onto the cocktail bar and on-site pool parties with resident DJs throughout summer. Hotel Grecian Bay The Hotel Grecian Bay is a luxurious 5-star resort with a private beach, elegant suites and a variety of sports facilities, including a golf driving range. Summer is the best time to stay with a seafood taverna, pool bar and beach bar all open to guests - weather permitting. Spend the day on Limanaki Beach with your own sunbed and parasol then head to the lounge and piano bar for a few well-deserved cocktails. Panas Tourist Village If you're looking to escape from the main strip, come down to the quieter end of Ayia Napa. At Panas Tourist Village, you'll be just 400m from a secluded beach, with the city centre 1.8km away. On site, you've got everything you need from a mini-mart and several restaurants, to a games room and children's facilities. An Ayia Napa holiday is certainly out of this world. The parties are larger than life, the beaches are almost too perfect and the attractions are endless! Book your trip with Direct Holidays today and see what all the fuss is about!

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