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An Island of endless possibilities, the Dominican Republic is the ideal location for anyone looking for relaxation and adventure. A hub of culture and colourful history is just the beginning when you Holidays here. From museums that boast beautiful architecture to dizzying attractions that are great for the entire family, the Dominican Republic is a location that needs to be experienced firsthand. With a heady mix of French, African and Spanish heritage, the island is brimming full of ancient history. Spend a day at The Museum of Natural History and take in the knowledge of precious and ancient artifacts. If you're in need of a bustling and lively nightlife then you should pay a visit to one of the local casinos. With the same feel as Las Vegas, but located in a tropical climate, this destination is ideal for adults looking to escape into some truly decadent fun. But don't forget to lay on one of the many beaches. Known for its amazing weather, the Dominican Republic lays claim to over 200 miles of pristine coastline surrounded by the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas. Whether you're looking for fun in the sun or you're just in need of some relaxation, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone. And when you book with Direct Holidays you'll see that a truly epic holiday doesn't have to break the bank.

Places to go

Bávaro If you're in need of some first class fun, then say hello to Bávaro. This glamorous destination is home to a vast amount of decadent facilities. Boasting a coastline that has a reputation for luxury, the white sand beaches of Bávaro are ideal for soaking up some amazing rays. Imagine stretching out underneath a beach umbrella while you watch the pristine waters lap the shore. If it's adventure you're looking for then take a walk through the Del Este National Park. The unspoiled jungle is home to over 100 different types of birds. But don't forget to bring plenty of water'a hike through this amazing ecosystem can get a little hot! Uvero Alto Located on the eastern side of the Dominican Republic, the coastal town of Uvero Alto is a hidden gem of fun. Known locally as a relaxation destination, the beaches here are covered in powdery white sands. Not only is Uvero Alto a place of peace and quiet but it is also a hub of activity. Practice your back swing at The Faldo Legacy Golf Course. If golfing isn't your favourite pastime than why not try deep-sea fishing? You can hire a boat for the day and explore all the wonders that are hidden beneath the surface.

Things to do

Underwater Discovery Family fun is just a dive away when you holiday in the Dominican Republic. Whether your children love testing the waters or they're ready for some major diving and exploration, the waters along the coast will cater to all levels of experience. Spas Looking for the ultimate way to unwind? Relaxation can be yours when you book a holiday in the Dominican Republic. Rest and let the stress of life fade away as you pamper yourself in a world-class spa. Excursion Ready to do some serious site-seeing? The Dominican Republic is home to some of the most amazing spots in the Caribbean. Take a night tour and see the cities in a whole new way.

Top holiday resorts

Glamour If you're looking to enjoy all of the luxuries of a 4-star all-inclusive resort, then staying in Bávaro is a must! Imagine waking up to a brilliant cuisine then heading to the pool to lie out under the warmth of the sun. Afterwards, you could visit the pool bar as you distress in the hands of opulence. Adventure If you're in need of big time fun that caters to everyone in your group, than why not stay in Uvero Alto. The resorts here are famous for huge adventures and have everything you need to ensure that you holiday in style. Holiday fun is yours for the taking when you book a trip to the Dominican Republic. And with Direct Holidays the vacation you need and want merely awaits you!

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