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An exquisite oasis brimming with adventure, Egypt is filled with ancient history and a climate that many countries cannot match. With a welcoming culture and spectacular sights that need to be experienced first-hand, a magical holiday to this exotic location is something that you'll never forget. From striking clear blue seas to inviting and intoxicating cuisines, Egypt is a grandiose place that is just waiting to be discovered.
Why not start with Cairo?
Known as the 'victorious city', this bustling metropolis is positioned at the north of Egypt and is spread across both banks of the Nile. This brilliant capital is home to The Egyptian Museum, the Giza Pyramids, The Sphinx, and most amazingly, Tutankhamen's burial treasures.
If you fancy some much needed sun and sea fun, then visit Sharm El Sheikh. The golden stretch of seafront is home to some of the most amazing beaches and even has a theme park for kids. If you're looking to submerge yourself in history, then make sure you get to Luxor. Containing a third of the most valuable monuments in the world, this 'open air museum' is the cornerstone of Egypt's ancient past.
Whether you're in need of relaxation on an All Inclusive or a huge adventure - perhaps both- Egypt is the ideal destination for all holidaymakers. And with Direct Holidays, you'll find that being able to escape is cheaper and easier than you ever imagined.

Places to go

The Red Sea
If you're ready to see a real life oasis, then look no further. The Red Sea is a beautiful mixture of lush green palm trees, pristine coastline and Arabic desert. A haven for tropical oceanic life, this dazzling destination is home to the glistening 'party-and-family' town of Hurghada which is filled with everything from Bazaars and snorkeling to camel rides and foam parties. There's also the magnificent beach town of El Gouna, where you can see the opulent Abu Tig Marina.
The Nile
One of Egypt's most popular destinations, the Nile is the longest river in the entire world and is one of the most scenic stretches of water. Playing a crucial role in the development of the Egypt, the Nile is a moving history that is best enjoyed by boat!
Mount Sinai
One of the greatest cultural and religious destinations, Mount Sinai is said to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Located only three hours from Naama Bay, you'll be able to climb the mountain and still be back in time to stretch out on the beach.

Things to do

Exploring an underwater treasure trove is a stellar way to enjoy a holiday. Swim with dolphins and turtles as you discover why the Red Sea is a diver's paradise.
Home to over 100,000 ancient antiquities, the Egyptian Museum is filled with historic artifacts and holds over 25 royal mummies.
A top attraction, The Great Pyramid of Khufu is an awe-inspiring site and stands over 139 meters high. Built over three generations this iconic and historic destination has to be seen to be believed.
A definite must for first time visitors, a camel ride is the something that needs to be experienced at least once. Climb on top of these docile and intelligent creatures and you'll see why they're always smiling!

Top holiday resorts

The Ultimate Splash
Home to some of the most beautiful coastlines, Sharm El Sheikh consists of many laid back resorts that offer everything from horseback riding to deep sea diving. Experience life in the lap of luxury as you swim in crystal blue pools and sip drinks by one of the many beachfront bars.
Water Sports
If you're ready to explore the open seas, then take a look at the resort in Hurghada. This pristine coastal heaven has everything from diving, fishing and waterskiing, to banana rides, pedal boats and canoeing.
Activities Galore
Situated close to the water, El Gouna possess a wide range of resorts that will cater to all those looking for adventure. Let the kids hang out at the skate park while you enjoy your tee off at the glorious 18-hole golf course.
Food and Fun
Boasting of some of the most delicious local cuisine, the resorts in Naama Bay are sure to please any foodie. Try a shish kebab or a wonderfully intoxicating Egyptian vegetarian stew - or tagine. Don't forget the seafood and the annual camel races!
Whatever your plans might be, Egypt is sure to accommodate all of your holiday needs. From four star resorts to pyramids drenched in ancient history, we've got you covered - and with our cheap deals, a luxurious holiday is just a click away.

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