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Escape the toil of everyday life and feel your stresses gradually slip away with a holiday to Soma Bay. Home to some of the best beaches in Egypt, a break in Soma Bay is the perfect addition to any year. While the white sands and beaming sunshine are definite draws, that's not all that the Red Sea Riviera has to offer. In fact, just three hours away are the ancient ruins of Luxor and the wonders of the Nile, which have made Egypt such a special and diverse place to visit.
As home to some fabulous golf courses, including the championship 18-hole course, Cascades, people who need to practice their swing on the fairway are well-placed. An abundance of watersports, including windsurfing and sailing, mean that a day on the sand doesn't just need to be a day on the sunloungers if you don't want it to be - the dive sites in the area are second to none. Whatever you choose to incorporate into your Soma Bay holiday, you can guarantee that you'll get your fill of sun, sea and sand in an idyllic resort that you'll never forget.

Places to Go

Home to the temples of Karnak and Hatshepsut, as well as the Valley of the Kings where they unearthed the tomb of Tutankhamen all those years ago, Luxor is within an easy drive away. A trip to these desert lands is a great way to enjoy another facet of Egypt, away from the sunny beaches and azure seas.
Approximately 45km north of Soma Bay, Hurghada is a bustling town full of delightful sights and sounds that will just add diversity to your Egyptian stay. Revel in its history, lose yourself in the markets, or stop for at a shisha café to indulge in a local favourite.
Les Thermes Marins Spa & Thalasso Centre
A member of the Leading Spas of the World, and considered to be the best spa in Egypt, you will be spoilt for choice during a pampering session in this incredible place. From traditional massages and beauty treatments to more hi-tech and modern options, there's something for everyone who fancies indulging in a real treat.

Things to Do

You'll be gobsmacked by the array of colour that awaits you beneath the sea. Coral and marine life both live in harmony in these beautifully translucent waters. You'll never forget this underwater adventure and all you need is a mask, flippers and an oxygen tank to explore this underwater world.
Splash Out in a Fine Dining Restaurant
Why not allow yourself to be treated like royalty during your stay in Soma Bay and sample one of the world-class restaurants on its shores? Dress up and sample some of the delicious Arabian dishes or stick to what you know with the international cuisine that can be found in the various top-rated restaurants in the area.
Kite Surf on the Riviera
Watersports in general are incredibly popular in and around the area of Soma Bay but kitesurfing will give you the chance to enjoy a sport you may not have tried before. Whizz around the bay with the power of the wind behind you and try to stay on your board at the same time - it's not easy!

Top Holiday Resorts

Soma Bay
Relaxing, exotic and with a great atmosphere, Soma Bay offers a perfect base for any Red Sea Riviera holiday. Whether you choose to stay within the resort or would prefer to use your days to explore what else Egypt has on offer, you can guarantee that with Soma Bay holidays, you're in the right place for all of it.
Sahl Hasheesh
An hour from Soma Bay and home to ultimate exclusivity, Sahl Hasheesh is a resort like no other. Purpose built and as glam as it gets, Sahl Hasheesh is a must if you're looking for a luxurious resort in which to base your stay.
Relax and let your troubles slip into the Red Sea. Sit back and enjoy one of the great value Soma Bay holidays from Direct Holidays on your next globetrotting adventure.

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