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As one of the prettiest seafront villages on the Messenian Peninsula of Greece, Finikounda may be remote but it can really pick up pace during the peak season when holidaymakers flock to its shores to enjoy their little piece of Greek paradise. The superb beaches that it boasts are a major draw, but don't worry, it's nowhere near as touristy as other holiday hotspots. Home to three uncrowded beaches made of coarse sand that shelf smoothly into sapphire seas, Finikounda holidays are an idyllic paradise for beach bums.
Meanwhile, there are some top notch tavernas in the village which dish up some incredible seafood, while the shops, cafés and bars are enough to keep you going for the duration of your Finikounda break. While there are a few nightlife opportunities, particularly during the peak season, life here is relatively low-key and relaxed ' just how the locals like it.
Completely switch off from your day to day life and live life in the slow lane for a while with a perfectly planned trip to Finikounda; you deserve it!

Places to Go

Ancient Olympia
The birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia is within easy access of Finikounda and has a wealth of sights to see as part of your stay in the area. The ancient site boasts the remains of the stadium and hippodrome, while also providing some incredible remains of temples that are dedicated to the Greek Gods, Zeus and Hera.
Methoni Castle
Methoni Castle is a coastal fortress that was built in medieval times, and while it has passed through various rulers including the Venetians during the 1700s, it now boasts some sensational views that are an absolute must-see.
As the capital of the region, Kalamata is the second biggest city in the Peloponnese and provides a range of sights and attractions to suit all holidaymakers. It may not be as rustic and picturesque as some of its less developed coastal neighbours, but it certainly makes up for it with the local cultural opportunities. It's home to some astounding museums, including ones based around archaeology, folklore, and military, while there are also a host of galleries to peruse if you're a lover of local culture.

Things to Do

Perfect for anyone in search of an adrenaline rush, watersports are on hand for people who fancy a change from the relaxing lifestyle that blankets the resort. Conditions are ideal for windsurfing, while the crystal clear waters offer some perfect opportunities to snorkel with the kids. Alternatively, charter a boat for the whole family and enjoy the tranquil surroundings independently.
Hire a Mountain Bike
Saddling up is a great way to explore the rural coastline, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery. There's an abundance of hillsides and mountain villages begging to be explored and, with the help of a mountain bike, the region is your oyster.
Relax on the Beach
A lot can be said for switching off and letting the troubles slip away, and with a stay in Finikounda you can do just that. You don't have to fill your time with things to do, nor do you have to book excursions and day trips. Just grab a sunlounger, keep the suncream topped up and watch the world go by for a blissful break.

Top Holiday Resorts

Pretty, picturesque and relaxing, Finikounda is one of those hidden gems that should be appreciated by anyone in search of a laidback break. Ssshhh though, it's a secret!
Situated 50km from Finikounda, Kalamata is home to sweeping golden sands and plenty of historic buildings to browse that prove the resort is as rich in culture as it is in beaches. There are some incredible natural beauty spots for you to explore and enjoy, too.
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