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If you're looking for a little peace and quiet and want a chance to escape the rat race for a while, the resort of Lourdas on the southwest coast of Kefalonia would be an idyllic heaven for you. South of the capital city of Argostoli, and equipped with a beautiful beach which you can laze on for hours, Lourdas is a quaint little village that can be found on a hillside overlooking the glistening sea below.
While it's certainly grown over the years, the village of Lourdas continues to retain oodles of charm. Like many traditional villages, the focal point is the main square, where plenty of tavernas can be found; ideal for a quick bite or a sumptuous meal. While the village centre is a little further up the hillside from the beach, there are plenty of bars and tavernas located at beach level too, so you don't have to make the climb every time you need to satisfy your appetite!
Kick back and sample the beauty of a holiday to Lordas, and see for yourself why the resort is shining brightly when it comes to retreats in Greece.

Places to Go

Sission Monastery
This historic and incredibly romantic spot offers some astonishing views as it stands proudly overlooking the beach below. It was built in the 13th century as the monastery of Saint Francis of Assisi and looks incredible - considering it's 800 years old.
The pretty harbour that can be found in this, the island's capital, is reason enough to make the 15 minute drive from Lourdas - not to mention the shopping opportunities that can help you to stock up on some authentic goodies to take back home for your loved ones.
Mellanissi is home to a luminous lake-filled cave that was, according to Greek mythology, the cave of the nymphs. Enjoy a boat trip through the caves as you stare in wonderment at the clear, azure waters that change colour as the sun passes through the sky.

Things to Do

Stop by Odysseus' Tomb
While it's certainly not set in stone, many locals believe that this really is the Mycenaean tomb of heroic Odysseus. Located just outside Poros, the tomb is still being excavated, perhaps an exciting discovery will be made during your time on the island?
Jet Ski in the Bay
While watersports are popular in Lourdas, jet-skiing seems to be the go-to activity if you're looking for a bit of fun. Ride the waves and kick up some spray on a jet ski for an exhilarating trip or choose any of the other many watersports available to you.
Enjoy a Bird's Eye View
It's no wonder paragliding is a popular pastime here, especially with the views that are on offer as you sail through the sky. Marvel at the landscapes and the breathtaking island scenery as you come back down to earth with the help of tandem paraglider, or on your own if you have done it before. Make sure there's someone in a good photo-taking position below!

Top Holiday Resorts

Relaxing, laidback and boasting some sensational views, Lourdas occupies a superb spot on the island of Kefalonia. As it's in the hills, it may not be the best spot for those with walking difficulties, but for everyone else, Lourdas holidays are an amazing choice.
As the only real developed resort on the south coast of the island, Scala is considered to be the next big thing. With a variety of activities on offer and a lively beach life, Scala has enough amenities to make any holidaymaker happy.
Take it easy this summer with a well-deserved package holiday to Lourdas. Take advantage of the great deals available from Direct Holidays and start planning how you're going to spend your lazy days.

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